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    Family comes first. Protect your family after the nuclear aftermath in an underground shelter in this strategy survival game.

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    Sheltered is a strategy survival game being developed by Unicube for the PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The player is tasked with protecting a man and his family after the apocalypse has decimated the land. Protection is provided by an underground shelter that the player must keep secure and habitable to insure the family's safety. It features dynamic encounters with other wasteland survivors and a turn based combat system should those encounters go rotten.


    Sheltered was placed on Kickstarter on June 4, 2014 and was looking to raise 15,000 pounds, it was also put into Steam's Greenlight program the same day. The Kickstarter was successful and backers raised over 30,000 pounds making sure all stretch goals were reached. It was also a success on Steam Greenlight and has since moved its way into Steam Early Access.


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