I made a trailer for the Shenmue Endurance Run

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I enjoyed the Shenmue Endurance Run a whole bunch so I put together a trailer to entice everyone else into watching it.

If you don't have 26 hours to watch the whole thing, MichZurek also made a best-of on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp5xgSK2fVM&list=PLmzPfwh49HcBZVyXBOuqcFWEeFr0SQFz6

Thanks for playing Shenmue so I don't have to!

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Well done! Watching this brought back some memories.

I knew (almost) nothing about Shenmue before watching this ER, kept waiting for the story to go anywhere, and then was dumbfounded when it just seemed to end for no good reason.

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I understand Dan's point of view, especially knowing that he played it as a kid. I think you can get the same feeling of being happily overwhelmed with options in Far Cry 5 or Fallout 4 (or many other open world games) and having that help push you through the fact a lot of the content isn't interesting on its own. Have you ever seen someone make fun of an annoying thing and end up being just as annoying? Shenmue is a lot like that.

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