The Shenmue ER/"Let it Go" Crossover No One Ever Wanted

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#1  Edited By joshth

So like many here, I've been greatly enjoying the Shenmue Endurance run. Part 16 in particular was crazy and hilarious, with the crew singing a variety of songs including Vinny's surprising choice of Frozen's "Let it Go". In fact, I guess you could say I was greatly inspired by this. So over the weekend I had fun working on a "Let it Go" parody focused on the Shenmue Endurance run.

I'm not the greatest singer in the world, but I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you can get some enjoyment from it as well!

It's also worth noting I do appreciate Shenmue and the joy this game has brought, this is just some goodnatured ragging on a game that has not aged especially well

If you want to sing along, here are the lyrics:

The snow glows white in dobuita tonight

Not a sailor to be seen.

A kingdom of isolation,

And it looks like I'm the “Ryo”.

This game seems impossible to play without a guide

Couldn't keep this up, heaven knows I tried!

Don't let them in, don't let them see

Be the endurance run you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

Well, now they know!

Shenmue sucks!, Shenmue sucks!

Can't hold it back anymore

Shenmue sucks!, Shenmue sucks!

Turn it off, this game’s a bore!

I don't care

What the comments say

Let Shenmue rage on,

The wait never bothered me anyway!

It's funny how some distance

Makes everything seem small

And mechanics that once enraged me

Can't get to me at all!

It's time to see what I can do

To test this game and break it too

No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I'm Vinny!

Shenmue sucks!, Shenmue sucks!

I am one with the Jeff Gerstmann

Shenmue sucks!, Shenmue sucks!

You should never listen to Dan

Here I sit

And here I'll play

Let shenmue rage on!

My power in QTE excite 2 is like a god

and I kicked that hot-dog-eating liar Tom out of my squad

And one thought knocks me out just like a roundhouse kick

I'm never going back,

cause this game’s a total dick!

Shenmue sucks!, Shenmue sucks!

sure it was ambitious for its time

Shenmue sucks!, Shenmue sucks!

But that nostalgia you had is gone

Here I play

for just one more day

Let Shenmue rage on,

The wait never bothered me anyway!

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I love this.

I hate this.

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