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I have three words: Must Find Sailors 1

 Shenmue is a very divisive game for many gamers who have played it. On one hand, you have a group of people who declare that the game’s slow, methodical pace makes it a chore to play. On the other hand, you have a group of people who proudly declare it’s methodical pace as the entire reason the game is so engrossing – that it really helps draw the player in with a daunting level of realism. Regardless of what opinion you may have on the game, there’s no denying that Shenmue tried to do a lot of...

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What this game managed to do on the Dreamcast was very impressive. Now does all that ambition turn into a fun game? 3

Going back to this game really shows off how much it expected players to take their time. Spend some time just improving moves and exploring the small town they handcrafted with a bunch of details. Sure it has a Virtua Fighter like combat system but you’ll barely even get to use it till the final section of the game. Most of what you end up doing is just talking to NPC's. When it was first released that was amazing yet looking at it now it sounds & looks dated. But first let me go ove...

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Shenmue 0

Shenmue for the Dreamcast was a revolution in gaming at the time of its release in 2000  . It combined the action genre with RPG elements and new form of game play called "FREE" ( Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment ), with a story on a par and scale with a Hollywood movie script. Not straight to the bottom shelf of your local video store fare, but A-class blockbuster movie standard. The game was designed in Sega's AM2 department being written, produced and directed by Yu Suzuki over a period of ye...

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You are Ryo Hazuki 0

Ryo Has Revenge in his eyesShenmue is a mash up of different types of genre's that come together to create something unique and special. As one of the most expensive games to be made, it captivated those who played it, including me. In my opinion, it truly is a classic.The plot for Shenmue starts out basic enough. Your Father is killed by a man named Lan Di, and Ryo Hazuki decides to track him down and avenge his father's death. Finding Lan Di won't be easy, and you'll need some information. Mak...

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An Ambitious Game Which is Better Than the Sum of Its Parts 0

Shenmue was an ambitious game, and one of the highest budget and most hyped games of its time. Many love it and many hate it, and both sides have valid arguments as to why. The game is very heavily story driven, but the story progression is slow as molasses. There is a lot of voice acting; however, much of it is terrible mostly due to Yu Suzuki's insistence that he be present for all voice recording, forcing the localization team to record the entire English voice over in Japan with local talent...

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My favorite game of all time and will be yours to 0

Shenmue was one of the first games to wow people of the dreamcast graphical capabilities and still to this day is beautiful.with the exception of mgs  2 and mgs 3 splinter chaos theory and halo 1 and 2 there are no other  last gen games that really up one on shenmues graphics.shenmue to the dreamcast is to what mgs 1 was for the playstation 1 it showed of the systems true capabilities when pushed to its absolute limits and did what really no other game could do for its system.shenmue has some of...

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Best Game Ever Made 0

Shenmue's emotive, epic story laid the foundation of how I feel about games and why I play them. The music and story  immerse you so much you really feel you are Ryo Hazuki. The game play doesn't fail to disappoint either, having you play out quick timed events and free battle using a modified virtua fighter engine to kick some serious ass. Shenmue will always be my favorite game....

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