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    Sheriff Woody

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    One of the protagonists of Disney Pixar's Toy Story franchise.

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    Sheriff Woody Pride is the main protagonist of the Toy Story films. He is Andy Davis' favorite toy but gets replaced with Buzz Lightyear on Andy's birthday. Everyone likes Buzz better, because he is confident, and actually thinks he is a Space Ranger. The rest of the toys believe him when Buzz pulls off a lucky stunt, but Woody is not convinced, and he is actually jealous of the attention Buzz gets. Woody and Buzz get in some unfortunate circumstances but through their adventures, they become close friends, as Buzz is convinced that he is, in fact just a toy. Their friendship sets the base for the Toy Story franchise.

    Woody is voiced by Tom Hanks in the films and his brother Jim Hanks in spin-offs. His trademark outfit features a cow skin vest, yellow checkered shirt, blue jeans, cowboy hat and boots, red bandanna around his neck and an empty pistol holster on his right hand side. Woody often represents maturity and has to suffer for his intelligence because everyone around him are more shallow than he is.


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