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    Shermie is a female character introduced in The King of Fighters '97. Though the fashion designer may appear to be friendly, she is actually one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi.

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    Shermie is a character from The King of Fighters franchise; she was introduced in KOF '97 as a member of the New Face Team.  She is known for her perpetually-hidden eyes and her 92cm breasts.
    Like the other members of the New Face Team, she is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. (The fourth being Goenitz.) Her awakened form, commonly known as "Orochi Shermie," allows her to manipulate lightning, much like Kyo's teammate Benimaru Nikaido. She is ultimately sacrificed in order to awaken Orochi.
    In addition to her appearances in the KOF series, she is a playable character in SNK Gals Fighters and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

    Fighting Techniques (Normal)

    Shermie, while not wielding her Orochi powers, uses grappling techniques. Like other KOF grapplers, Shermie can combo into some of her grabs from normal attacks.
    (Moveset primarily based on The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match)

    Command Normals

    • Shermie Stand: Performed by pressing f+LK. She tumbles forward, bringing her foot down on the opponent. It must be blocked standing if used standalone.
    • Baku New Suplex (Busty Suplex): An amusing hit-grab (blockable grab) performed by f+LP. Shermie leans forward, sticking out her well-endowed chest. If she successfully makes contact with the enemy, she grabs them and performs a suplex that leaves the opponent at her feet.

    Special Moves

    • Shermie Clutch: An anti-air grab, activated with DP+K. Shermie leaps into the air; if she makes contact with the opponent, she catches them between her legs and falls to the ground while spinning. Can be followed by Shermie Cute.
    • Shermie Spiral: A command grab performed with HCF+P. If Shermie is not close enough to the opponent, she will spin around, arm outstretched. If performed successfully, she climbs the opponent, wrapping her legs around their head, and brings them to the ground in a manner similar to Shermie Clutch. Can be followed by Shermie Cute.
    • Shermie Whip: A hit grab. When QCB+P is pressed, Shermie falls to the floor, spinning her legs above her. If the attack is successful, the attack brings the opponent to the floor, which is followed by a suplex that sends the opponent across the screen. Can be followed by Shermie Cute.
    • Shermie Cute: After the above moves have been executed, pressing QCF+K will cancel into Shermie Cute. She runs at the enemy and stomps them before they can get up.
    • Diamond Dust: A command grab performed with HCF+K. Shermie dashes forward; if she catches the opponent, she performs a standing variation of the Diamond Dust wrestling technique.
    • Axle Spin Kick: When QCB+K is input, Shermie twirls in the air. When she lands, she performs an off-balance kick.
    • F. Captured: A counter-move performed by HCB, f+P. If she receives an attack, she raises the opponent above her head before slamming them into the ground.

    Desperation Moves

    • Shermie Flash: A command grab performed with HCBx2+P. Shermie performs a handstand on top of the enemy before falling behind them and performing a suplex. During the SDM variation, she holds the opponent in the suplexed position, counting to three as if she were attempting a pinfall.
    • Shermie Carnival: Another command grab, performed with HCFx2+P. Shermie performs a series of suplexes, throwing them into the air for a Shermie Clutch during the SDM variation.
    • Lightning Leg Lariat: Her HSDM, a running command grab performed with QCFx2+both Kicks. Shermie performs a series of grapples before throwing her opponent to the stage boundary and hitting them with a slow motion knee to the face.

    Fighting Techniques (Orochi Shermie)

    Orochi Shermie shares normal attacks with her regular version, but otherwise has an entirely different set of moves.

    Command Normals

    • Kourai: Shermie Stand under a different name.
    • Jinrai: Though performed with f+P, O.Shermie will perform a leaping kick.

    Special Moves

    • Yatanagi no Muchi: When QCB+P is pressed, O.Shermie will swipe her hands twice. The first swipe performs a slashing attack, while the second fires a short-ranged projectile.
    • Syajitsu no Odori: Like normal Shermie, O.Shermie will spin in the air when QCB+K is pressed. However, O.Shermie's feet are covered in electric energy that hits the enemy multiple times, and she does not perform the off-balance kick afterward.
    • Mugetu no Raiun: Performed with HCB+Any. O.Shermie blows a kiss that becomes a ball of electricity. The spot where the electric ball will appear is determined by the button used.
    • Raijin no Tue: When QCF+K is input in the air, O.Shermie will flip forward, performing an electric attack with her feet.
    • Takeru Mikazuchi: Exclusive to Unlimited Match, O.Shermie channels lightning through her body when DP+P is pressed. The attack's duration can be lengthened by mashing the Punch buttons.

    Desperation Moves

    • Syukumei - Genei - Shinshi: Performed with QCFx2+K on the ground or in the air. O.Shermie shoots forward, feet outstretched.
    • Ankoku Raikouken: O.Shermie performs her own version of Benimaru's multi-hitting electric hand attack with QCFx2+P.
    • Unmei no Ya: O.Shermie's HSDM. When HCBx2+Any button is input, she performs Mugetu no Raiun. If the attack hits, she raises her hand in the air and summons a gigantic lightning bolt that will either hit the opponent or KO her.

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