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    A puzzle game for the iPhone inspired by the bright lights of one of Tokyo's special wards.

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    Shibuya is a falling block puzzle game created by Nevercenter for the iPhone and iPad.  The game is named after a district of Tokyo known for its bright, colorful lighting and is designed around touch screen controls that are simple and easy to grasp.  Shibuya was created by Tom Plewe, John Plewe, Stephanie Schenck, and David Randall. John Plewe is credited as the concept creator, but all four of the credited team members played major roles in the game's development.  It was selected as one of the PAX 10 independent titles and put on display at PAX 2010 in Seattle. 


    The play field is composed of falling blocks that must be stacked by color.


    Shibuya offers two basic modes of play.  A Quick Play mode in which the game will last for a maximum of two minutes, and Endless, in which the game will end when the stack of blocks reaches the top of the screen.  In the main play field, a continuous flow of empty, gray blocks falls.  If tapped by the player before it lands on the top of the stack, the block will fill with the current color at the top of the queue.  The player is not obligated to immediately fill each block as they come along, and may skip blocks in order to fill others first.

    Following these basic rules, the objective of the game is to create stacks of blocks of matching colors in groups of two or more.  Like-colored blocks that are stacked together can then be cleared from the board with a single touch.  Combos can be formed by tapping multiple groups of matched blocks in a row, which will increase your multiplier. 


    The game features licensed music from Millionyoung.  All of  Millionyoung's songs featured in Shibuya can be found on the "Be So True EP."
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    "Be So True EP" Track List:  
     1. "Cynthia"
     2. "Soft Denial"
     3. "Mien"
     4. "Pilfer"
     5. "Day We Met"  


    Currently, Shibuya offers 47 achievements divided into eleven different levels. The first ten levels have four achievements and the eleventh level has seven achievements. The player cannot unlock level two achievements until they have unlocked all of the level one achievements. Some of the achievements are as easy as playing a game in Quickplay mode, but they quickly ramp up in difficulty. 

    Level 1 - Getting Started

    1. Play Quickplay Mode
    2. Make a Combo in Quickplay
    3. Reach Level 2 in Endless
    4. Survive Quickplay on Slow

    Level 2 - Neophyte

    1. 1 4x Combos in Quickplay
    2. 1 All Clears in Quickplay 
    3. 1 Massive in Quickplay
    4. Survive Quickplay on Normal

    Level 3 - Novice

    1. Reach Level 14 in Endless
    2. 1000 Points in Quickplay
    3. Survive Endless for 3 Minutes
    4. 5 Survive Quickplay on Adept

    Level 4 - Intermediate

    1. 1 5x Combos in Quickplay
    2. 3 Massives in Quickplay
    3. 5 All Clears in Quickplay
    4. 5 4x Combos in Quickplay

    Level 5 - Competent

    1.  Get 100 Skill in Quickplay
    2. 2000 Points in Quickplay
    3. 1 Supermassives in Quickplay
    4. Survive Endless for 5 Minutes

    Level 6 - Veteran

    1. 10 All Clears in Quickplay
    2. Reach Level 26 in Endless
    3. 1 of Each Stat in Quickplay
    4. 10 4x Combos in Quickplay 

    Level 7 - Advanced

    1. 3000 Points in Quickplay
    2. 5 Massives in Quickplay
    3. 15 All Clears in Quickplay
    4. Surcice Quickplay on Fury

    Level 8 - Skilled

    1. 15 4x Combos in Quickplay
    2. Survive Endless for 10 Minutes
    3. 4000 Points in Quickplay
    4. 2 Supermassives in Quickplay

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