Game Crash bug; Suspend->Restart->Analyze = Freeze

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Later on in the game(Day 3 and so on), you will encounter little drops on the battle fields that you can move your characters to and "analyze".

What you can get from them are random;

  • Learn an unlearned skill.
  • 200 macca,
  • Learn any random skill.

In the previous game it was a common tactic to suspend the game before you analyze and just reload the game over and over analyzing until you get what you want. Well there is a bug in this version.

Bug: Reloading a game and choosing analyze once you resume will result in the game completely freezing while it attempts to bring up the prompt to tell you what you found.

The entire Nintendo 3DS will freeze and require a Hard Reset(press the power button for 3 to 5 seconds to reset).

!!! Hard Resetting the Nintendo 3DS while the game is running may result in your Save game being corrupted !!!

Solution: Execute ANY command(move, attack, etc) and then analyze. You must do something before you analyze or the game freezes. Suspending the game next to the COMP and reloading to instantly analyze will result in the freeze.

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