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I should have known it wasn't a great idea to take a break from Digital Devil Saga as I can't remember where I'm at, and, as an added bonus, am being kicked about all over the place. Is there an easy way to tell where I'm at? 
Here's what I know:
I'm on the ship, saved on the third floor. It won't let me go south - Gale tells me I can't use the same elevator twice or something - and the corridor west then north Gale also tells me off for going down. The lower floor according to the map seems pretty much explored but it's huge and I get a random battle every three steps, and I'm low on sp/can't remember weaknesses. I don't want to waste too many SP restore items if I can help it. as I don't have tons of them to spare.  Am I supposed to be finding a place to plant bombs down there? If so, is there some sort of cue? It's a big enough floor without factoring in the insane encounter rate.
Forced party of Serph/Gale/Cielo, level 29/30/30 respectively. Is that too low? 
I'm running various saves including one just before the ship I think looking at the time stamp (but saved at Maribel base) - would it be better reverting and training when I'm not trapped in a ship half way through a story? :/

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