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Akira/Aquila. In the Blasted Tokyo vision that The White shows you, it's implied that Akira is King Aquila, the statue guy in Mikado. But aren't those visions supposed to represent what society will turn into if Walter/Lucifer or Jonathan/Merkabah get their way, and take place after the game, not before?

This is one part of the story that I don't really get.

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I'm not 100% sure, but I get the feeling that the whole plot is part of a cycle. To me, the game implies that the fate of the world (regardless of your personal playthrough's outcome) is to repeat the cycle over and over. I see New Game+ as a continuation of your previous game, as another era of the world.

Just the feeling I got anyways!

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There's a side quest you can get late in the game that implies time flows differently in Mikado compared to Tokyo.

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@donutfever: No problem! Just my interpretation of course, and to Bocam's comment, I had forgotten about that but that's right!

I wonder if that could be implied to mean it's circular? Hmmm.

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Not to derail, but I'm very close to the end and have done most of the side quests. Which one was the one where it implied the time difference? It would make sense and also not make sense to me. If time flowed differently, going in and out of the tower would have drastic changes each time you came back.

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