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I'll start with the short version: Went to hook up my PS2 so I could play FES, only to find that my console, with memory card, had gone MIA. Need a save file somewhere around 5/9, the monorail boss fight.

So recently, the Persona 4 Arena hype train got me thinkin', "Hey... I really ought to finally dive deep into Persona 3! Oh man, I haven't even hooked up my PS2 since I moved. No worries, it should be right... under... the TV. Well, shit I wonder where it is." That was five days ago. I've turned my apartment upside down three times. No PS2. It's gone, and with it my memory card, the only one I ever owned for PS2. So many hours, so many games...

But I still have my P3FES disc, and I can emulate it nearly perfectly! Haha, I have a chance!

So here I am, coming to you with a desperate, shot in the dark plea. Do you, dear bomber, have a save file for Persona 3 FES somewhere around May 9th, the monorail fight? If it were any other game, I'd be happy to play the beginning again, but I've played the first 5-10 hours of Persona 3 three different times now (Original, Portable, and FES. Never had the time to stick with it until now). Nothing fancy, doesn't have to have crazy leveled characters, or incredibly min/max'd personas. Just an average, run of the mill, save file.

I realize this is a fairly specific request, and I honestly don't expect anybody to be able to fulfill it, but I know if anybody can, it's you guys!

(P.S.: Just in case anybody decides to be TOO awesome, and wants to play the game from the beginning to get a save file at that location, don't do that! I'd feel awful.)

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Hey, I have a save on 5/8 (I emulated for a little bit before breaking down and buying it on the PS3 virtual store). How do you want to exchange files? Hope you can find the PS2!

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Sorry, OP. The mods tend to frown on emulation.
Also, no. I can't help you.

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@Jrinswand said:

Sorry, OP. The mods tend to frown on emulation. Also, no. I can't help you.

Actually the rule is that there is to be no discussion of illegal activities. Emulating a PS2 game with the original disc in a DVD drive is not illegal.

If you're gonna just contribute nothing but to remind people of the rules, at least get it right.

And @TAFAE: that's just before where I stopped playing P3P. I bought FES a few months ago, buy never played it. It'll be nice to not have to restart. I just need a means of getting the save file onto my PS2 memory card since I don't feel like emulating.

Your memory cards should be in a folder called "memcards" which is located wherever you keep the main PCSX2 files. Just upload the one you use for P3 to a file hosting site and post the link. You'd be making two duders days!

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