Should I Grind with Every Character?

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This is probably a dumb question. I don't play many turned-based RPGs.

My friend told me that I won't be able to use certain characters for certain bosses. Apparently, some characters will be missing for story purposes and some characters have weaknesses that make them useless against certain bosses. So I'm wondering if I need to grind with every character just so I have all of my bases covered for bosses? Obviously, if I absolutely have to use Junpei, he shouldn't be Level 17 for the rest of the game. I beat P4 and that was never really an issue because it had guarding, moves like White Wall and Blue Wall, and most social links removed the weaknesses.

This is my first time playing Persona 3. I've played Persona 4 and loved it to death. I've played a decent chunk of Persona 3 so far; recently, Fuuka became the new support person and Mitsuru joined my party. I'm liking the game, not as much as I liked 4, but still it's good. The social links are kinda shallow compared to 4 (My aunt died. Okay, see ya tomorrow!) and the combat is a little rough around the edges, but I'm having a good time.

Fuuka's voice acting is not very good...

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I'm almost done and I have stable of five-six characters that are near where I am. Eventually you'll get to the point where characters won't come back with you to Tartarus or some characters will be tired while others aren't.

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Without spoiling anything, inlike Persona 4, there will be times when you will not have access to certain party members, so I would recommend cycling them a bit while exploring/grinding in Tartarus to keep your options open.

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IIRC the game encourages you to take out tired characters anyway and sub in fresh ones to make the most of the night anyway, but even if you don't wanna do that you do get enough characters that you should have all your bases covered anyway. Since there's no guard though always make sure you save before every tower boss (thankfully this is addressed in P3P).

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I have played both ps2 and psp versions and I can safely say you can go in with whatever party you want and be mostly fine. I ditched Junpei early and never needed to go back to using him when I didn't need to. So he stayed at around 18 thoughout the entire game.

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You don't need to grind at all in that game. It may be a good idea to shuffle party members around every couple of trips through Tartarus to keep a couple of people with different resistances at a decent level, but I don't recall low levels being much of a problem any of the times I played through it.

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I would say absolutely not. The bosses are easy enough that you can compensate for a weak member.

And Fuuka is the worst.

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@SpunkyHePanda said:

I would say absolutely not. The bosses are easy enough that you can compensate for a weak member.

And Fuuka is the worst.

Gasp! The enemy!

Yeah, the fact that Persona 3 takes out some members during story mission kinda sucks. Fortunately for me, the team I used were always in the party during the story. Just lucked out I guess. I would've been upset if I had to take a lower leveled dude to fill a spot. That does not sound fun.

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I grind your women.

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