Should I play The Answer?

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I'm in a bit if a dilemma at the moment. I've beaten Prrsona 3: FES already and yet I haven't touched The Answer yet. My reasons for that are purely based on what I've heard about it. The worst parts of it are apparently that it had a ton of grinding and combat which aren't what I want from a Persona game. That said, I feel guilty by missing out on this content. So should so play The Answer? I leave it to you folks.

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It's grinding and the content just fucks up the story in a bad way, not to mention making some of the characters do complete 180's.

So, no, you're really not missing out.

edit: if you really want to know what happens, reading about it on a wiki and then getting annoyed rather than pissed after wasting 25 hours slogging through those dungeons is a better idea.

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Sorry for the typos. I wrote this on my phone.

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I haven't played it myself, but I have watched most of the cutscenes on youtube. IMO, the story stuff they did was pretty bad, and I know that personally I wouldn't want to do the grinding to get the bad story. I can't give it a firm answer either way, though, since I've never taken the plunge myself.

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I'm playing it right now mainly because I want more persona 3 combat and I'm getting to control my favorite character. It is pretty grindy, but I find the combat to be fairly enjoyable and am used to games with lots of grinding. If lots of combat with little bits of story every now and then sounds interesting to you then I say go for it. Otherwise you might want to just watch it on youtube or read about it. I can't say whether or not the story goes anywhere interesting since I haven't hit the end yet. So far its been adding in small details about certain things mentioned in the journey.

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I enjoyed the story in The Answer and I tolerated the grind associated with it. I also enjoyed its difficulty, although I didn't find it as strenuous as some others.

The Answer also explains parts of The Journey that were not explained beforehand, but you can just watch everything on Youtube if you just want to see the story.

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nan, just play the first 1-2 hours and watch the end stretch on youtube or read about it on the wiki. There's a 30 hours middle part with next to no story aside from flashbacks to things you can infer from the events of persona 3. I think all that stuff is cannon for P4A and possibly persona 5 so get up to speed using the wiki or youtube if you intend to play these games.

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I turned it off after I was given control of Aigis. Didn't like what it was doing at all, and reading up on it and watching videos only continued that. Sure it sets up what you did exactly in the ending and Elizabeth's mission (which you could probably get by playing Persona 4 Arena, I think?) but other than that it did nothing for me. I like how The Journey wrapped up just fine.

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I dont see why people give this so much shit. Its not bad, you just need to go into it without the idea that its Persona 3 part 2. Its fun in its own way and its not like you have to pay more to get it.

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Hmm. Guess I'll YouTube it then. Thanks guys!

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It's a pretty fun grind.

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I enjoyed the answer. I liked the tidbits. Did not find it murderously difficult. Sure had some tough bits but nothing major. Didnt feel like I grinded a tonne.

I dont think Characters did 180, can see where they are coming from (Yukiko).

Worth it imo.

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