Should I use a guide?

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#1 Posted by DarkShaper (1378 posts) -

So I just started Persona 3 for the first time and was wondering if people with experience with the game would recommend that I play the game on my own or use a guide to help with S.links/Requests. I don't plan on playing through the game more than once and I want it to be the best experience possible.

The first time I played P4 I used a guide but I had already experienced the story through the endurance run so I can't use that for referance.
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#2 Posted by Cathryn (584 posts) -

Unlike Persona 4, all of the requests are done through the Velvet room, so there really isn't much to do to figure them out -- there are a few you might need to look up, but I'd try playing blind.

Also, unlike P4, it's possible to do a very quick New Game + (about 40 hours) in Persona 3 if you meet some conditions towards the end of your first play-through, so if you think you might play it more than once, I'd definitely just play however you want to play the first time through and then try to max everything on a second play-through.

It is a lot more difficult to max everything in Persona 3 than it is in 4, so following the Max FAQ is generally not a lot of fun -- it's arduous and you can't deviate from it at all.

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#3 Posted by SlightConfuse (3996 posts) -

as said by cathryn all side quest come from the velvet room so there is nood need for a guide as its pretty explisite.

for s.links i did pretty good maxing most of them out but i liked being able to decided which ones to take on rather than follow a guide

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#4 Posted by wumbo3000 (1246 posts) -

Are you playing through it right now cause it just came out PSN? Cause I'm starting it right now on my PS3 and I love it. So much fun. First got introduced to the world of Persona through the Endurance Run, so it can be a little weird playing P3 after watching Jeff and Vinny play P4. Lot of things that I'm used to seeing aren't there, so I have to realize P3 came before P4. Still having a lot of fun though.

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#5 Posted by rjayb89 (7811 posts) -

Aw man. I've been wondering this, too, myself. It feels so overwhelming compared to Persona 4 somehow. Must be because I prefaced my personal playthrough of Persona 4 with the Endurance Run. I still want to play it though despite being spoiled about some things about certain characters.

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You probably need guide to max out all the social links in one playthgough - I would not say this is the way to go for the "best experience". far too restrictive, might as well be watching a Lets Play.

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#7 Posted by natetodamax (19462 posts) -

I'd say don't bother following a guide to max out S Ranks and all that. Just hang out with the people you want to hang out with and those who will be a direct benefit to you and your party. No sense in being forced to do something because a guide says so. The only time I used a guide for Persona 3 (and 4) was for specific boss fights and I had a great time.

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#8 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5919 posts) -

No, that would take most of the fun out of the game.

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#9 Posted by NegativeCero (3141 posts) -

That kind of playthrought sounds like the opposite of fun.

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#10 Posted by killacam (1341 posts) -

guides are for chumps!

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#11 Posted by endaround (2267 posts) -

The only reason to use a guide is that some of the links *cough* Mitsuru *cough* have unique prerequisites so you may want to look at those but a day to day guide is playing a spreadsheet.

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#12 Posted by DarkShaper (1378 posts) -

Thanks for the advice. I'm not going to use a guide unless i get stuck at some point @wumbo3000 yah im playing it on PS3 and i agree that it feels weird not having the additions from 4.

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