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Persona 3 FES 0

I'm really not someone who plays a lot of Japanese RPGs, as I've written about in the past. But based on the constant praise and discussion of Persona 3 I saw on my favorite message board, I decided to give its special edition FES a try, and 82 hours later have finally finished what is easily my most enjoyable experience with the genre ever. It's an interesting take on some of the conventions. Instead of new areas and plot points becoming available as you go to different places, everything advan...

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A thoughtfully crafted narrative about tragedy and perseverance. 0

It was during the mid 1990s that most video game franchises made the leap to the third dimension. Persona, though, is not most franchises; it took the series six years to fully enter the third dimension in the form of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3.However, such a long wait was entirely worth it. Boasting both an intricately thought out story, memorable characters, and a very strong battle system, Persona 3 is a worthy entry in the PS2’s storied history of role-playing games. The additions brough...

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The game that wouldn't end 0

Japanese RPGs may be past their heyday, but those with a keen eye and an interest in the genre should be capable of picking out the good ones from the pack. At first glance, Persona 3: FES looks to be one of those hidden gems. It's got an interesting design, strategic combat, and likable characters. But in the end, it's weighed down by many of the same trappings the genre is known for, as it's repetition and excesive length hold Persona 3: FES back from being an otherwise stellar Japanese RPG.Th...

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Deja Vu All Over Again 3

Persona 3's core gameplay is based on a rather clever hybrid of conventional JRPG mechanics and teenage life simulation. The general idea is that by building human relationships in the life sim your character becomes stronger and acquires bonuses which have a direct impact on the combat-oriented JRPG section of the game. Since the main character is a high school kid, the majority of the people available to socialize with are students from his school, but you can also befriend other colorful char...

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How far would you go? 0

The PS2 being a dying console, it can be hard for gamers to have confidence in it. Most developers have moved on to greener pastures, while others are still putting out garbage titles because they know they'll gain at least a tiny bit of money from it. Sometimes, the occasional gem shines through all this leftover pile of vaporware.   Persona 3:FES is pretty much what we'd call an expansion pack for Persona 3. It has the same game, but bonus content was added to follow-up to the end of the origi...

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Persona 3 Review 0

The story of Persona 3 is about the main character, Minato Arisato, I mean Makoto Yuki, whatever you want to call him. moves into a dorm house where he shortly becomes a member of S.E.E.S, a group of Persona users, the story deepens as the game goes on and characters develop in the way good characters should, they feel like real people and that's something I like, my only problem with the story is that it's pacing feels slow as you have to wait for a full moon to progress through the story whic...

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Persona 3 FES: Altus Taking The Reigns of JRPG's King 0

Persona 3 wasn’t even on my radar back in 2008 when it was released. My PS2 had been thoroughly caked in dust for months due to an exponentially worsening disc laser. In the summer of 2009, two friends had told me that they’d purchased this relatively unknown JRPG for $8.99. Needless to say, because the price was right and I’d have people to talk to about this older title, I picked it up along with Persona 4. Two playthroughs, a complete persona compendium, 99% of the quest...

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One of the Great RPG of the last generation 0

Persona 3 FES is the sort for special version of the regular Persona 3 for the PS2. In case you already own the first version of Persona 3, FES allows you to bring over your save file from that game and start playing right away with all the new features. The Shin Megami Tensei games have been among the hardest of the hard core in terms of JRPG’s (Japanese Role Playing Games for those of you not in the loop) and Persona 3 stands up to that hardcore standard, with side quests galore and being over...

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Who knew shooting yourself could be so much fun? 0

Do I need to have played the previous Personas or Megaten games to understand Persona 3?Nope, there's some Persona 2 name-dropping during one of the Social Links, but that's just for fun and won't help you with the game. Igor is the only recurring character, but he introduces himself and his role anew with each new Persona.As for other Megaten games, the only similarities they share are the creatures, but even then it's in name and looks only. In other Megaten games, including previous Personas,...

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Persona 3: FES (minus The Answer section) 0

 A dark, emotional and engaging game. Grindy (but addictive) RPG battles that take place at night are broken up by a school-life/dating sim in the daytime.  Added to both of these types of gameplay is Persona husbandry - you collect Personas as you go (a kind of spirit that is attached to you and gives you your fighting powers), and you can fuse them in different combinations to bring out different abilities.    The Personas are based on mythological beings from cultures around the world ...

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Awesomest RPG you'll ever play ever(SPOILERS) 0

Well, I gotta admit, I came in with mixed feelings. After hearing of all the mythology references in this game, I became kinda scared. But I gotta admit that will not hinder enjoyment in any way, shape, or form. The adventure is as follows: You are an exchange student to Gekkoukan High. Soon, you become entwined in a battle with the mysterious race of beings aptly named the Shadows. After months of fights, you are double crossed by the effective guardian of the team. After that, it's tragedy aft...

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Bought This AFTER Buying Persona 3 0

Persona 3 was THE best RPG I'd played in a VERY long time, and as an old-school fan of RPGs, it was nearly the perfect game. Occasionally atrocious ally AI and clunky inventory management are the only things that prevent it from achieving true perfection and adding on a 30+ hour campaign, new personae, new quests and new character interactions to what was already an INCREDIBLY robust game, then putting it at a budget price translates into no excuse for Japanese RPG fans not to play this game.You...

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Persona 3 Review : A Unique Experience 0

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 is actually the third part of the Persona sub series of Shin Megami Tensei games, but since no one gives a fuck about the first two lets just call it Persona for our review. To get this off the bat, this series is as far away from final fantasy as you can get, SMT games have always had very dark story lines and characters which revolve around devils, demons apocalypses etc (for those who dont know DMC’s Dante made a guest appearance in the last good Shin Megami game...

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Adding replay value and an epilogue to an amazing RPG. 0

Well persona 3 was first released in Japan (I forgot when) and then around a year later it came out in August 07. Soon after that, they made FES for Japan only but after the amazing acclaim it obtained, Atlus decided to be generous and localize the game (Though the only game Atlus has never localized was Innocent Sin but there's a totally valid reason for that. They would have if they could...). and thus, here it is!So what is FES? FES means Festival, pretaining to the first 3 letters of the nam...

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Perfect in its own way. 0

A game with such beauty deserves the world. I could not believe how good this was. I just found myself playing this game for hours and hours without stopping.Social Links: The social links in this game were entertaining and is what keeps this game going, without them the game would be very hollow.Story: The main story is very dark compared to Persona 4, and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.Music: The soundtrack for this game was stunning. Shoji Meguro outdid himself with ...

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A pinnacle point in Role playing history 0

  Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES Review Over the years I have played many console role playing games and it’s gotten to a point where these games are just becoming too similar for me. Persona 3 however was a game I jumped into having no prior knowledge of the Shin Megami Tensei series at all; I just expected it to be another clichéd console RPG. I was very wrong It’s hard to talk about the story of Persona 3 without spoiling the plot itself however the basic plotline is that you are ...

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