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Hey guys,

I bought Persona 3 Portable back when it first game out and;I kinda flew through it just recently (if you can call 70 hours flying through) and now I want to go through new game plus. Once I got through the tutorial stuff and into the dungeon I noticed all of the shadows already had the sweat marks above their heads; I also noticed I was only getting around 6 exp. I was wondering if you have to do more grinding in NGP or if the exp dealt out to my team was higher than what i was getting on the main character.

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I actually just started New Game Plus myself, but I'm pretty sure each member of your party gets exp relative to their level.

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P3FES (and I assume P3P) carries over the MC's level, unlike P4. I remember doing NG+ in FES and starting at like level 83. Did you not check that? I believe all the enemies are set levels no matter what so the first floor dungeon should still be like level 2 or whatever.

Of course I haven't played FES in a few years and haven't beaten P3P yet.

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That's what I was hoping. If that isn't the case I don't know if I would have the motivation to go through it again.

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@rubberluffy: No, no, i know that. I didn't know if you're main character being at such a high level effected the rest of the parties exp though.

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@halim51: Yes, the level of you're protagonist carries over from your first play through as well as the persona compendium, money, and I believe equipment.

Also, if I remember correctly, a new, high-level dungeon opens up almost immediately for you to grind out your party member's levels.

Also, your parties exp is relative to your level, assuming they are fighting with you.

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@halim51: I just tested this and your party members definitely receive more EXP than the results screen tells you. It probably varies depending on their levels but at the point I'm at right now (in August in game), they are getting 4x as much as it shows.

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once you get to NG+ just head to Monad no matter what. find the easy enemies like the sands of time that are weak to physical. make sure to equip all the strongest stuff to yukari and junpei that you should have from your last game. this will keep them alive. now try to knock all of them down then see who gets the turn after you. if junpei goes before the enemies do go for the aoa but if not attack whatever enemy attacks next to make it dizzy or the magarudyne will kill you since junpei is weak to it. if you survive them you'll level junpei and yukari to like 24 right there and you'll be totally ready for any of the bosses. i ended up one shot rushing the priestess lol

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