Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 01, 2009

    Persona 3 Portable is an enhanced port of Persona 3 for PSP. New features include an additional female protagonist as well as certain gameplay adjustments introduced in Persona 4.

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    Persona 3 Portable 16

    Teenagers, guns, demons and philosophical phrases throw themselves upon you the first minute of the opening sequence. Yup, this is definitely the same Persona 3 game that we played on our PS2s a few years ago so what's it doing on the PSP? Perhaps with the surprise success of it's sequel, Persona 4, Atlus decided to bring P3 to the masses for both new and old players to the franchise with it's improved gameplay mechanics and expanded story. While I think buying the same game three times is absur...

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    Persona 3 Portable: The Almost Definitive Redux of an Iconic RPG 1

     When you look at Persona games, and really the Shin Megami Tensei franchise as a whole, by and large, they're RPGs that are always concerned with self-improvement. Atlus has a knack for delving into its back catalog and not only fixing what was broken in the past, but experimenting with things that still work anyway. The fruits of those labors don't always pay off, but when they do, they make for an experience that tells you those games are forward-thinking. That mentality naturally puts Person...

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    P3P- One of the best of its genre. 0

     Persona 3P is a PSP game released by Atlus and is part of it's Megami Tensei series, a   JRPG series that is growing in popularity.   To be precise, it’s part of the subseries of “Persona” games, although this should be obvious. Hopefully, I got this all correct. As a newcomer to this series looking at the series history can be a bit confusing.  All you really need to know is that you absolutely do not need to play the other games in the Persona series as the stories are unconnected save...

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    Persona 3 Portable Review 0

    Final the US gets the version they should have gotten many years ago, at least they get to have it on the PSP and with some added extras. Persona is a game in which you will have to take on monsters in a tower that appears during the Midnight Hour, a hidden hour that only a few can actually function during, and most get transported into a coffin. You will play the part of the lead male character, or if you're looking for a new twist you can try out the new lead female character. You are transfer...

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    Persona 3 Portable Review 0

    After finishing Persona 4 Golden for the second time, my lost love of Japanese RPG’s was suddenly awakened. Granted, I started a new playthrough of P4G also, but I craved something new, something in that genre I had not really sunk my teeth into in so long. Despite craving something new, I still craved the smart writing, well developed battle system and contemporary setting of Persona. So instead of going back to another medieval-inspired JRPG, I simply went to the PSN store and downloaded Perso...

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    A truely remarkable RPG 0

    My first review on this site was for Persona 4, one of my favorite titles of all time. Immediately after completing P4, I went and picked up P3P for the PSP. Be warned, because of my nature, I am forced to compare the two games. I'll try and limit it, but you have been warned. The games exposition in much shorter and to the point than P4s (and it begins) and the plot is somewhat easier to understand. Basically, you're a transfer student to Gekkougan High School, and you discover the "Dark Hour" ...

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    The best of Persona 3 and 4 0

    Persona 3 is awesome. Persona 4 is awesome. What do you get when you mix them together ? Persona 3 Portable. This game is perfect mix of the best parts of P3 and P4. The completely broken combat system of Persona 3 is ditched for the improved system of Persona 4 and with some more improvements sprinkled on top. The interface has been remade. Some of the dialogue has been rerecorded and the game have had more scenes added where you hang out with your friends. As you go up the Tartarus on the adde...

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    Persona 3 Portable Review 0

    By - Richard J.In this curgeneration of consoles, quality JRPGs are few and far between. Instead of taking a risk, Atlus went with a rerelease of a classic JRPG from last generation, this time for the PSP. While it may be an obvious choice to bring such a great game to this underappreciated portable system, was it a wise choice? They already ported the original Persona to the PSP with mostly positive reviews, but can they capture the magic of Persona 3 on the little screen?Persona 3 Portable tel...

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