So I saw the original Persona 3 in a store today...

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And I was wondering whether or not to get it. After the Endurance run, I really wanted P4 (like many others, Atlus should pay GB for this kind of advertising) and Persona 3 as well. Thing is, I'd like to get FES, but I could not find that one, only the original. My question: will I be missing out on a lot if I just pick up the original version? Because if not, I'll just buy that one and save some money. Or is the extra chapter in FES worth the extra cash and longer search?

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Dudacles said:
And I was wondering whether or not to get it. After the Endurance run, I really wanted P4 (like many ... [more]
I've heard that the extra gameplay in FES is about 30 hours long, but that it also isn't the greatest gameplay. FES does have some major approvements, so you might as well go for FES. No point in getting something and regretting it later.
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There is a lot of extra content in FES.

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If it was the complete limited edition box you should've just bought it because that edition is actually rare (and if you could get it for cheaper than FES that sounds like a steal because FES is already budget-priced).

Of course, if you don't care about that sort of stuff just get the FES edition -- it should be easier to find. If you can't find it in stores just order it online.


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