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So I'm in late December in the TV bringing my 1st run through of the game to a close pretty soon.  I was able to max all the social links except Death and Tower.  Is it worth playing through a 2nd time just to see these two stories (and perhaps the other path for Sun / Drama Club)?  Is there anything else different besides the bonus boss the 2nd time through the game?

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I'm on my last day today!

I'm going for the normal ending, then I'm going to reload some saves and go through the bad endings, then I'm going to get the true ending on my second playthrough.

That way I'll see everything, right?
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Well not all the Christmas dates, have to do some more reloading for that.

The Death SL is intersting, the Tower not so much. 
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Frankly, the only reason I ever needed to do my second playthrough (which I'm about 40% of the way through right now) is because I loved the charcters and story and wanted to experience it again for myself. Same reason I'll watch a movie or TV show again.

Also, I only completed like 25% of the social links so there was a ton of story stuff there for me to see brand new. 

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can someone explain, as spoiler free as possible, how to get the various bad endings?  I know about the true ending where you have to go back to junes at the end of everything, but the only bad ending I saw the ability to get was guessing the true killer incorrectly that night at Aiya.  I followed that one out and then reloaded and chose correctly.  How do you get the others?

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You can get it earlier if you give into Yosuke's demand for vengenece.

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You can also get it if you don't give in to Yosuke's demands but choose slightly different dialogue options.  Which, by the way, is GARBAGE.

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