Fanfiction Stats! (And Poll!) *Mild Spoiler*

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Some General stats about the content of Persona fanfics at

(Note, this takes only the Persona Series stats, combining them would mean sifting though the Megami Tensei for non-persona fics)


2,275 Fanfics total

174 rated K

434 rated K+

1,294 rated T

373 rated M

1798 are >1000 words

668 are >5000 words

391 are >10,000 words

228 are >20,000 words

110 are >40,00 words

63 are >60,000 words

32 are >100,000 words. That's a lot of words.

2,046 are in English

25 are in Indonesian 0.o

22 are in Spanish

15 are in French

3 are in Portuguese

1 is in German, another one is in Italian

SHIPPING: (SoujixOneOfTheGirls) *Comment if you'd like another pairing to be researched and posted!*

For Charlie's de-facto girlfriend there exists 15 fanfics total:

8 are rated K-K+

6 are rated T

1 is rated M

For Yukiko, the dazzling midnight-haired Priestess, there exists 40 fanfics total:

Again, 8 are rated K-K+

A whole 30 are rated T

2 are rated M (Yukiko likes to get it on twice as much as Chie, according to Fanfic writers apparently)

The Idol Risette needs no introduction, as there are a mere 19 fanfics total, still more than Chie though.

In a surprise to no one, 8 fanfics are rated K-K+

Once more, 8 fics are rated T as well

That leaves 3 fics rated M. Although one is Widows, which isn't sexual at all.

Nanako, who sparked Big Brother instincts in all of us, even has her own modestly-sized section of 10 total:

5 are rated K-K+,

5 are Rated T

None are rated M, perverts.

And Now, for the 'Detective Prince' herself, clocking in at second place with 29 fanfics:

5 are rated K-K+

18 are rated T (I will admit to writing one of them, Mask of Sanity)

6 are rated M. Not bad for a character everyone thought was a dude.

Poor Ayane only has one fic, in Indonesian. Yumi has two, both are rated M and in English.

Devil Nurse gets only one as well, and a badly written one at that...

Margret is much the same way, with only two rated T fanfics to her name.

Feel free to discuss these statistics and your favorite pairings!

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How many feature Mara?

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This is wrong. This can't not be wrong.

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Oh god, I want nothing to do with any of this. I've left my fanfic life behind me... such dark empty days.

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@FluxWaveZ: Mara...doesn't exist apparently.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

How many feature Mara?

I've read one. I enjoyed it. Also, it is not appropriate for family websites.

@Spector29 said:

@FluxWaveZ: Mara...doesn't exist apparently.

Protip: There's a very large amount of fanfiction that is not on

That being said, it has been my experience that many authors tend to avoid writing Mara on account of Mara being, well...Mara.

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I just want to point out that the non-sexual M-rated Rise fic you pointed out, Widows, is one of very, very few fanfics that I have legitimately enjoyed.

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