I have a dilemma!

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Hey Giant Bomb! I have a small dilemma. I recently started watching the P4 ER because I wanted to the re-runner quest and I never quite got into it when it was around. I'm now pretty much hooked with the game and the videos. Hooked enough that I wanted to play the game but I also wanted to keep watching the ER. 
My question is, should I play the game first or continue watching? Maybe play until I catch up to where I am in the series? I'm on episode 34 if that helps. Any advice would be appreciated!

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If you're going to play Persona 4 do not watch the Endurance Run first. If you watch through the series first you'll have all the crazy plot twists and hilarious WTF moments spoiled for you. If you have no plans on getting it then watch through it for sure. At some point though, everyone should try to watch through the entire ER. It's probably the best thing Giant Bomb has done so far.

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I'd probably recommend playing, and then watching Jeff and Vinny play that same part, or play through the whole game first. There's some twists that are better if you experience them firsthand before watching the ER do them. Just my opinion, though.  

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@natetodamax: @Zidane_24: That is what I was thinking. Just wanted to make sure I had the right idea. Ordering now!
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Definitely play it and then watch it.  Mainly because watching the Endurance Run is a lot more fun when you're eagerly anticipating Vinny and Jeff's reactions to the crazy stuff you saw in the game.

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I see no reason why you shouldn't play it, unless you don't feel like putting 60+ hours into a single game.

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@FancySoapsMan said:
" I see no reason why you shouldn't play it, unless you don't feel like putting 60+ hours into a single game. "
It took me ~80 to get the "real" ending, but I was taking my time and grinding a lot.  You certainly get your money's worth in play time with that one. 
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definitely play the game first, the endurance run is full of spoilers and it would probably be best to play the game first, to avoid said spoilers. Plus playing the game first will preventing impact-full moments from becoming less impact-full when you get to them and the nostalgic feeling is always sweet when watching the endurance run, if you've played the game first. Hope that helps

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I want to see the ER but dam it is so long :( 
one day I WILL DO IT! 

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I watched it then played it, I made different choices then in the ER and social linked other people and it was still enjoyable. In many ways it saved me the inevitable 2nd playthrough that I would have done to see the stuff they did.

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