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    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jul 10, 2008

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a role-playing game developed and published by Atlus for the PlayStation 2. It is chronologically the fifth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. Like its predecessor, its gameplay combines a traditional role-playing game with elements of a social simulation. Its critical and commercial success spawned a sizable media empire, including several spinoff titles.

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    Persona 4: A Truly Proper Send-Off For The PlayStation 2 10

    As an RPG series, Persona stayed relatively under the radar for much of its existence in the United States. It wasn't completely obscure per se, but you more likely than not were an RPG aficionado if you knew of it. But then 2007 came and the game's number three installment in all its head-shooting infamy placed the spotlight on the series on an international level for the first time. The game, despite its flaws, was able to live up to such a role and be forever ingrained in the PS2's history. N...

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    Atlus welcomes you to the Midnight Channel. My Darkzero review 3

    When it comes to the Playstation 2, there hasn't being a company right now as loyal as Atlus. Most other companies have abandoned the Playstation 2 to put their games on the main systems that are on sale at the moment. Atlus on the other hand are still releasing console exclusive quirky Japanese games on the very successful Playstation 2. For that we have to give a big thanks to Atlus. I'm sure a lot of Japanese RPG fans are extremely happy for Atlus to still be sticking to the system, which in ...

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    Flawed as a concept, yet masterfully executed. 0

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 seems to go out of its way to make a bad first impression. The initial few hours of the game are essentially devoid of gameplay, instead forcing you to endure a series of long-winded cutscenes that play as the setup to what eventually turns out to be a fairly interesting narrative. It takes quite a while for the game portion of the whole experience to emerge, but once it does, be prepared to give up a whopping sixty hours of your life.  This game really is jus...

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    In a Years Time 0

     You ever wondered what you could do with a year’s worth of time. How do you interact with friends and family, how do you improve yourself at school or work, and more importantly, how do you make bonds that will never be broken? No, this is not just a philosophical question, but rather the juicy gameplay bits found in Shin Megami Tensei, Persona 4, the latest’s of arguably the greatest RPG to ever grace the Playstation 2. The Persona series has been hallmarked for years, ever since it began on t...

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    JRPG fan or not, you owe it to yourself to play Persona 4 1

    Let me start by saying that usually, I'm not too big on JRPGs. Their characters are just too over-the-top, too ridiculous for me to enjoy playing as. Moreover, the grindy gameplay the genre generally offers also makes me turn up my nose. Both of these things, however, did not make me love Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 any less. You will meet plenty of memorable characters along the wayThis Persona's main draw is its story, as most would expect from a role-playing game. It does not, however, ...

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    130 hours. 0

    It’s been a fucktastically long time since I’ve mustered the strength to hunker down and write a video game review. My reasons range from straight-up apathy to personal distractions like “moving” and “pools” and “gyms” and other semi-active activities. But the big reason is Persona 4, a crooked-ass, super-silly, super-serious oddity of a Playstation 2 game that made me embrace video game addiction for the first time in decades. And embrace it with a very aloof, goofy smile on my face. It’s the f...

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    300 Word Review - Persona 4 0

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for the Playstation 2 is a stylish Japanese turn-based roleplaying game. The game follows a group of high school students as the discover the truth behind a string of serial murder cases that are occuring around the once peaceful country town of Inaba and the truth behind the mysterious Midnight Channel that appears at midnight on a rainy day. The style of the game is very unique and interesting. Sharp graphics and colourful displays makes the game play like nothi...

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    The Alan Parsona 4 Project 0

    Having a Schizophrenic discourse with Persona 4 in the absence in the knowledge of the existence of RPGs.Here you are, a Nameless Person Antagonist sent to his uncle's for a year because both of his Parents are working overseas. Along the way you are given the ability to be an empty shell, by way of old coot in a space limo, and faced with the realization that it's probably going to be up to you to face a trivial situation and overcome it, by way of jumping into a TV.It's a story that's been tol...

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    Persona 4 Review 0

    This is a review for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, a roleplaying game exclusive to the Playstation 2 that came out last year. Amongst other things in this review, I will occasionally compare Persona 4 with Persona 3 to provide some insight for those who own Persona 3. I hope you enjoy the review.  StoryPersona 4 is set in a small town in Japan during the year 2011. You take the role of a high school kid who moves from the big city to this small, suburban town. When you go to school for the fir...

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    A cohesive, enjoyable, and all around fantastic video game. 0

    Often times, the end of a console’s life cycle is when some of its best games are made. After all, it is at this point when developers are most comfortable with how consoles work, allowing them to do more with what the system can put out than at any other point in a console’s run. A cursory glance at video game history bears this out: Panzer Dragoon Saga is both one of the best Sega Saturn games and one of its last; Conker’s Bad Fur Day was released very late in the Nintendo 64’s life; and this ...

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    Best PS2 RPG of the year! 0

    If you play any PS2 RPG this year, you won’t want to miss out on Persona 4. Persona takes the standard turn based RPG combat style and injects it with strategic elements in a modern setting. You’ll essentially be managing two aspects, which all contribute to your overall success. You’ll manage your school and social life, and the typical RPG level grinding inside the Television dungeons. One of the best aspects of Persona 4 is its story and character development. Right away you will meet endear...

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    The Idiot's Review of Sarcasm - Persona 4 1

    So I've been a fan of the website Giantbomb. Maybe you've heard of it (lawlz, funny joke NOBODY has ever made before). Every so often, the website's editors, Jeff Gertsmann and Vinny Corleone, embark on an epic journey called the Endurance Run. This isn't a sequel to the Simon Pegg film Run Fatboy Run. However, there are jokes to be heard in the video feature. But what exactly are the two joking about? A little game called Persona 4. But read this review and you will understand that the game ITS...

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    Murder!! (and penis monsters) 0

    WARNING: This game is rated M for Mature and should only be played by persons over the age of 17. According to the back of the box, reasons for this include:    Alcohol Reference   Animated Blood   Language   Partial Nudity   Sexual Themes   Violence    Now, I don't wanna be the one to tell the fine folks over at the Entertainment Software Rating Board how to do their jobs, but I would have also included the following descriptors:    Massive Gender Confusion  Monster Strippers   Statutory Rap...

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    A game more than worthy of Your Affection 1

    A lot of truth bombs get dropped. Persona 4 is arguably Giant Bomb's most beloved game, and deservedly so. It is a superb JRPG that is a welcome reprieve from the hours of dungeon trawling, loot farming, item-ferrying one would normally associate with the genre. It is accessible, compelling, and rewards players who see it through to its "true" ending with 70 or so hours of amazing gameplay. The storyline's many twists and turns will leave you constantly nonplussed as you try to get to the heart ...

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    The Last Great Game for Arguably the Greatest Console Ever. 0

    There comes a point at the very end of nearly every console's lifespan where the console is about to die, having been supplanted by the next generation.  Unwilling to go gentle into that good night, the console proves it's still got some fight left, screaming its defiance at the millions of arrows streaking at it by releasing one last final amazing game, one that stands as not only the last great game on that console, but one of the best releases on that console ever.  For the SNES, it was prob...

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    Review a great game day - Persona 4 0

    * I wrote some amount of my thoughts on why Persona 4 is great for Review A Great Game Day. It’s less of a proper review and written more in the style of ‘review a game you love’, which feels more in keeping with the aim of the project and the style of other reviews. Get it on my BLOG as well. * Persona 4 is a JRPG: part Twin Peaks murder mystery, part Stephen King’s IT tale of youths uncertainty in the face of morbid danger and part Power Rangers high school fantasy.Where so many games overlo...

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    This lengthy JRPG is polished to a high gloss finish. 0

      Every once in a while, a game comes along that is so well done, and leaves you with such a good feeling upon completing it, that it makes reviewing it extraordinarily difficult. Persona 4 is one of those games. On occasion, a game flies under the radar, even to the hardcore lovers of the related genre. Persona 4 is one of those games. If you enjoy seeing a lot of harsh critiques in a review, this might be where you want to stop. Persona 4 is an exceptionally well put together game that even th...

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    Persona 4 Review 0

    The game follows the protagonist,Yu Narukami (you can change his name,but that's his default due to the anime and the spin off fighting game) who since his parents are working over seas,is sent to live with his uncle (or his mother's younger brother) in Inaba.During his stay,a string of murders occur in which him and his friends discover "The Midnight Channel" which is a world with the TV (it's a world inside the TV).The Characters develop as the game progresses,you should be able relate to one...

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    I played all of Persona 4 0

    I don't remember JRPGs being like this. When I was a kid in a family of meager means, a new Squaresoft game was the perfect companion to a long unsupervised summer while my parents were off at work. Most games would take a day or a weekend to beat, with frenetic gameplay and complex art, but it would be over soon and I would need a new game. There would be no story of note to remember, only the sequence of inputs and logical steps to achieve victory, and my only option was to play it again or h...

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    How much J-Pop can you handle? 0

    Persona 4 is a journey. It's a definition of what the word "experience" could mean in regards to a video game. It's an emotional and relatable trek within a believable yet unfamiliar setting. But perhaps most important of all, it is unforgettable; by the time the credits roll, you too will be saying goodbye to the cast.The Persona series is home to perhaps the most interesting and unique JPRG concept; some might say even video game in general. That being, it takes place in a common, everyday Jap...

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    "Welcome home." 0

    I almost gave Persona 4 5 stars. I was dead set on giving this game this immaculate score, but then I jogged my memory back all the way to the zeroth second. Social links don’t tie into the main story very well, if at all, but still. The middle of the game started to get predictable, but still. Dungeons have their own visual motif, but they aren’t really different from one another on a gameplay level. But still. I observed and deconstructed with convenient moments of visual impairment along the ...

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    Persona 4 improves upon everything from Persona 3, ultimately making it one of the best RPGs ever created. 0

    *This review is spoiler-free*Persona 4 is a JRPG that shares many of the same concepts that Persona 3 has, but it perfects them in such a way that makes the experience deeper and ultimately more entertaining.Persona 4's compelling story revolves around a group of contemporary Japanese high school teens that tries to solve the mystery behind a series of bizarre murders in a rural, Japanese town known as Inaba. These murders are linked to a mysterious TV program known as "The Midnight Channel" th...

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    Are you ready for the midnight channel? 0

    Persona 4 of the Shin Magami Tensei series is one of the best game I have ever played and defiantly the best this year, the game play, story, visuals and sound all mix together to make a great play experience that is worth pulling out your old Playstation 2 for. The game play is a mix of traditional RPG game play with a social simulator. The RPG is your typical Japanese RPG turn based game ,it nothing to special but if you’re a fan of this style of game you will enjoy the few added things like ...

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    Almost Better Than Chrono Trigger 0

     One of my favorite RPGs of all time. Continuing where Persona 3 left off, Persona 4 improves upon some of the criticisms of the last entry (lack of control over party members, limited music, lack of dungeon variety). The murder/mystery storyline kept my attention throughout the game and had some very gripping moments and character interactions. The beauty of Persona 4 is the amount of freedom and lack of repetition that characterizes so many other games in the genre. The player can choose to ex...

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    Very repetitive, but an ok game. 2

     I have never played a Persona game before. Being my first Persona game i wasn't too sure what i was getting my self into. So i start the game and i get a cartoon cut scene of some guy with a huge nose talking about some stuff i didn't understand... so then he asks for my name. So i write down my name (kinda reminded me of a pokemon game), and the game finally begins... So i'm this city kid who is sent to live with his uncle in a country town. As soon as i get there i meet him and his daughter....

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    One of the best games on the PS2 0

    Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS GAME! The amount of thim I put into this game is truely staggering. But this review is not about me it is about this game. Ok lets start with the game play. Persona 4's combat is just like Persona 3's combat, which is not a bad thing. Why fix what is not broken? If  you keep your teammates on AI control fights can be tough because they don't always do the smart thing, but if you change them to direct control then you play for them. The graphics look great. ...

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    Come Sukuna Hikona 0

    Shin Megami Tensei:Pesona 4 is a Japnese RPG/ Social Simulator developed by ATLUS, THE MASTERS OF WEIRD JAPANESE RPGs. The game takes place in the course of a single school year where the player portrays a student transferring to a rural town. Itis here that a murder mystery sends waves of shock across the town and it is up to the player and his group of friends to master the powers of their persona and discover who the murderer is who has disrupted their happy, albeit boring lives. The action i...

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    Grasping for Truth In a World of Fog, Persona 4 Review 0

    Persona 4 is a Playstation 2 game that has been out on the market for some time now.  As the first foray into this series, I only had scant ideas of what to expect from this game.  My guesswork was that the story was going to be out of this world, characters would be insightful and very relate-able, and that the combat would be based very much on strategy and managing the party correctly.Did all of these expectations come to fruition?   You bet your bottom.  Did Persona 4 surpass these expectati...

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    awesome game 0

    I won't put up the story of this game in this review, this is a late review I beat the game a week after it came out so Its alittle foggy. I love this game probably my second or third favorite of all time. Its one game that will have a special place in my heart because I kind of see this game as the swan song for the ps2 and what will probably be the death of turn base combat on the big consoles. I've played games for years and its been along time since I played a game for 14 hours straight the ...

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    Diary of a Persona Newbie 0

    I must admit right off the bat that it was the Endurance Run series here that got me into the game of Persona 4. I had read about the series previously, but I still hadn't tried it. Now, just a few days ago, I completed the game and feel like I have to join the choir of people singing this game's praises, because it really is that great. It's a Playstation 2 game and there are far shinier and prettier Playstation 3 games out now, but what many of the new games lack that Persona 4 has got in spad...

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    Persona 4 Review 0

    After a long ten year hiatus from the world Persona 3 came in and re-invented the wheel. Now, with the Persona series at a rebirth period, Persona 4 comes in to capitalize on it. While not entirely a whole new experience, Persona 4 adds just enough detail, adjust some game play mechanics and adds a bunch of new features that Make it seem like it is. You (the silent protagonist) are being transferd from the bustling city to the quiet town in Inaba to live with your Unlce Dojima and his Daughter N...

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    Persona 4 is one of my favorite games of all time 0

    Ah, Persona 4, how awesome you are. This is my first dip into the huge amount of games in the Megami Tensei franchise, and what a hell of a start. The game takes place in 2011, you are an unnamed protagonist (you get to name him) who has to moves in the small country town of Inaba for a year, on account that his parents are working overseas. He lives with his Uncle, Ryotaro Dojima, and his cousin, Nanako Dojima. Soon after your arrival, a series of strange murders start taking place in Inaba, an...

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    Truly Special 0

    Despite the trappings being completely different, I feel like Persona 4 is some sort of kin to Mass Effect 2. Both have strong core gameplay, but what puts them over the top, what makes them extraordinary and memorable are the characters. The key difference, however, is that Mass Effect 2's characters are compelling because of how unusual they are. Not even the human characters are anything approaching normal because they're products of that universe. Persona 4's characters draw their strength f...

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    Persona 4 Review 0

    Having never picked up any of the Persona series I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but after playing this game I can at least tell you my opinion of this PlayStation 2 RPG. You are a big city kid who has to spend time in a little country town of Inaba. There you create friendships as well as try to solve a mystery that only you and your friends can truly solve.The music and sounds really get old after a while. At first you are so into the game that you don't really notice that the ba...

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    Persona 4: Dancecrew battle in your head while watching fireworks 0

    I dont play any JRPGs, the last before P4 was Crysis Core and before that was the first three final fantasys. What caught my interest were the little bits of news about the deeply solid and mature story that was generously soaked in Japenese POP culture. I have always been facinated whether anime or manga at how the Japanese can take fantasy concepts and fuse them whith human culture making a pretty irrefutable scenarios. The amount of work into every detail earns alot of respect from me. Atlus ...

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    Review : SMT Persona 4 0

      Ahh, Persona 4. My estranged journey with this game started around December 2008. Where In Europe Persona 3: FES had been released a few months prior. And I caught wind that the fourth iteration of the series would be out in March. So, instead of seeking out the extremely hard to find P3:FES, I waited for the release of P4. I got it a few days after launch in March. And finished this January. The reason for the lengthy time of this was that I got frustrated when I lost a lot of data due...

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    A great JRPG for veterans and newcomers alike 0

    After clocking in over 70 hours in my first playthrough of persona 4 i decided that writing a review for this game was a must. I'm not going to bore you, the reader, with a quick summary of persona 4 since im sure most people reading this will have already watched at least the first few episodes of the endurance run. So lets get down to what matters: the good, the bad, and the final thoughts...The Good: Persona 4's greatest aspect is of course its story since it is a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing ...

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    Persona 4 Video Review 0

    Persona 4 is a great game. In this video review I show you why.    ...

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    Changing the channel back to PlayStation 2. 0

    Whenever I go home for winter break, the games I play generally fall into the JRPG genre because they typically take around 40 hours to beat. Aside from Valkyria Chronicles and Chrono Trigger DS, the only other game I managed to complete was Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. After spending 70 hours with my eyes glued to screen, I beat the final boss, set down the controller and said, “This… is the best game of 2008.” While zealots of high-budget productions may declare me insane for loving a PlaySt...

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    Rambling Review of P4 0

    Originally printed on my blogWhen I was a kid I became saddled with the unfortunate notion that Japan did pretty much everything better than the United States. I don’t think I would have gone so far as to call myself a Japanophile, but it was definitely close. Their video games were all sweet (FF VI and Chrono Trigger!) and their cartoons sure beat the heck out of the asinine stuff I was sometimes watching on the Disney Afternoon. This may have had something to do with the fact that I was watchi...

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    Best game to end the ps2 era 0

    Ok let me get this out of the way: I love rpgs, always have.  The story begins with your typical no named protagonist who has just moved to a small quiet town, Inaba.  Right away murders happen and your character gets involved and has to stop the murders.  The story is one of the games strongest points.  The graphics, for a ps2 game, are very good.  It really is a departure from persona 3, which had a gloomier kind of art style.  The anime sections are done great, they are colorful, vibrant and ...

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    Persona 4 Review (MILD spoilers) 0

    I thought Persona 3 was a bit of a fluke with how good it is, as I thought the first two Persona games on PS1 were... Bad... when I checked them out recently(Maybe they've aged badly, I don't know), but with Persona 4, Atlus have proven that they have the concept that drives the Persona series now down to a fine art, and know exactly how to make the experience better. Once again placing you in control of an unspeaking character you name yourself, Persona 4 begins with you moving to small town Ja...

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