Strange Journey Redux

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#1 Posted by Socuteboss (251 posts) -

This came out in the US the other day, surprised to see no one talking about it. The game is just as good as I remember, just finished the first area last night.

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Yeah, beside some reviewers on YouTube I haven't seen too many people talking about this one. I played a good chunk of the original DS game but never finished it, although I think I was on the last dungeon. I really liked the game and have been meaning to go back and finish it but now I'm wondering if I should just play this new port. Glad to hear you are liking it but are there any new additions to the 3DS version that make it significantly better than the old game?

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#3 Posted by Rabidlamb (61 posts) -

I really got into the original release and wouldn't mind playing it again but really don't want to buy a new 3ds game. If this was for switch I would check it out

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Well, between being a not-Persona SMT game and coming out on the 3DS instead of Switch, I'd be surprised if anyone was talking about it at all. This is about as niche as you can get these days when it comes to games from Japan.

It's a great damn game, don't get me wrong. Just is what is it.

edit: -_-

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#5 Posted by Tigerface_Killah (25 posts) -

Man I really liked this game on the ds, although I never got too far. They seriously should have released this on switch.

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@babychoochoo said:

This is about as niche as you can get these days when it comes to games from Japan.

Any SMT game released on any system will be far more mainstream then say some random visual novel released for the Vita. I agree that most mainstream sites may not cover this game because it is on the 3DS but there are far more nichey Japanese titles being released than Strange Journey of all things.

Edit: Sorry if I came off as a jerky know-it-all...

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#7 Posted by oldenglishc (1544 posts) -

I was thinking about picking it up again, but from what I've read the extra content is kind of tacked on and unnecessary. It has kind of given me the jones to play the original again though. It's a really good, balls hard dungeon crawler.

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#8 Posted by Justin258 (15583 posts) -

I would love to play this and that Radiant Historia remake on my Switch. I'd pay full price for each, actually, even though I own the DS versions.

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#10 Posted by TheWildCard (693 posts) -

Bought it as I really liked what I played of the original but didn't get too far, don't think I have time to devote to it right now though.

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It's good so far, not much is different from the original. Still a great dungeoncrawler with a fantastic setting and atmosphere. While I prefer Kanekos illustrations, the different expressions on the portraits are nice, and the fact that there's a portrait for every minor character is also nice.

Haven't gotten into any of the new story-content yet. Playing on expert, but don't think it feels that different from the original, so wondering if they maybe made the original difficulty into expert, since the original were pretty challenging in itself. Could also be that I'm much more well-versed in the Megaten-formula by now.

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I picked it up having never played the original and I'm not sure if I like it or not. The beginning really dragged for me and while I like some of the ideas the characters so far seem quite dull.

I'm only 3 hours in but I struggle to play for longer than an hour without getting a bit bored. I definitely found Soul Hackers and Persona Q more engaging than this, but I'm holding out hope that'll change if I give it a few more hours.

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#13 Posted by Morningstar (2460 posts) -

I would buy it on the Switch in a heartbeat. I'll probably end up buying it anyway.

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I think its kind of a bummer this is yet another 3ds game without any 3d support at all :( I also remember having a harder time with the original despite playing on expert now.

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#15 Posted by TheChris (440 posts) -

As a European, it is litterally the only version I can play. I miss Kaneko’s artdesign, looking past all the tutorial, it is still a solid SMT title. Definitely better than IV.

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#16 Posted by Efesell (4322 posts) -

My dislike of Nocturne made me judge this perhaps a little harshly at the time, maybe I'll revisit.

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