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    Shin Megami Tensei V

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 11, 2021

    A new mainline Shin Megami Tensei title for release on Nintendo Switch, running on Unreal Engine 4. Players must befriend a wide variety of demons to resolve a battle between God and Lucifer.

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    The first new mainline SMT game since Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse on the 3DS. Players must travel the world of Da'at, which appears to be the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and gather demons as allies to survive in a world embroiled in a battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

    Main Characters


    The main player character, resulting from the merger between the human Protagonist (named by the player) and Aogami, a being known as the Proto-Fiend, who has lost some of his memories. The Nahobino wields a light sword jutting out of their right arm in combat, but can learn other attacks or magic by absorbing the essences of demons in the World of Shadows.

    Tao Isonokami

    The Protagonist's classmate who has worked for Bethel since she was young, and given the nickname The Saint.

    Yuzuru Atsuta

    The Protagonist's classmate who secretly works for the demon-hunting organization Bethel, and somehow entered Da'at with him.

    Ichiro Dazai

    Another classmate of the Protagonist, obsessed with social media. After accidentally wandering into Da'at, he is quickly picked up by an angel and soon joins the war on Bethel's side.

    Hayao Koshimizu

    Director of the Japan Branch of Bethel and the Prime Minister of Japan.

    Sahori Itsukishima

    A red-haired girl at Jouin who is bullied by her classmates, and later captured by a demon.


    An archangel who leads the forces of Bethel in the name of God.


    A powerful demon who claims to be the creator of humanity, based off the same-named ancient Chinese goddess.

    Shohei Yakumo

    A swordsman and Nuwa's partner who wishes to slay all demons, yet does not fully align himself with either side of the war between Order and Chaos.


    A strange creature who runs Cadaver's Hollow, he buys and sells items to the Protagonist for Macca, and asks them to return Miman who have gone missing across Da'at.


    The proprietor of the World of Shadows, where the Nahobino can fuse demons together, or learn Miracles by spending Glory.


    Similar to other SMT titles, the Nahobino (player character) is a unique individual that can command various demons acquired either through negotiation or demon fusion. Players can talk to most demons, and upon successful negotiation, can convince them to join. However, unsuccessful negotiation might lead to the demon leaving, or even abruptly ending the player's turn.

    The Press Turn system returns, where each side can gain an extra turn if their attack hits an enemy's weakness or scores a critical hit on them. However, if the attack misses or is blocked, they lose two turns, even if one of the enemies is hit in their weakness.

    Unlike previous SMT titles, battles are no longer random encounters, but players can see monsters on the map and can attack or avoid them as needed.

    Players will encounter Abscesses throughout Da'at that block off portions of the map. As the Nahobino gets closer, the Abscess will summon waves of common enemies in the area to defend it. When the Nahobino touches it, they must battle with a strong enemy or group. Upon defeating them, the Abscess will be destroyed and the Nahobino will gain new potential Miracles from the World of Shadows, as well as the ability to continue on that map portion.

    If the Nahobino's HP reaches 0, then the game is over even if other demons are still alive, and the player must restart from a previous save.


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