Favorite Shin Megami Game?

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#51 Posted by beforet (3377 posts) -

Persona 4, but I have only played that and P3 (which I also love) to completion. I have dabbled in Devil Survivor, which I can not complete until I get my own 3DS, and I intend on playing Nocturne, which I am somewhat frightened of.

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#52 Posted by mutha3 (5050 posts) -
@Otogi said:
" @LordAndrew said:
" Oh! I just noticed the thread title says "Shin Megami", which means "true goddess"... or to look at it another way, it means nothing. There has never been such a thing as Shin Megami! "
Not even that, really. Since the original Megami Tensei, as far as I know, and there was at least one other game in between MT and SMT. I'm not even sure what the hell that title means anymore. As for the thread, though, Persona 4, hands down. "
You must be thinking of"Megami Ibunroku"(i don't care how its spelled) it translates roughly to "goddess sidestory" and Persona 1 and  the first non-raidou Devil Summoner carried that title. They were dropped by the time they reached Persona 3 and Raidou 1, though.
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#53 Posted by PenguinDust (12994 posts) -

Persona 3 easily.  I liked P4 a lot but not as much as P3.  I liked the characters and story of the earlier one more.  

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#54 Posted by thanous (13 posts) -

persona 4 golden is first place by a ton

but the very original, Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei is second place, more likely one of it's many remakes but still it in some form (played it a while ago, don't remember on which system)

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#55 Posted by Corevi (6795 posts) -
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#56 Posted by thanous (13 posts) -
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#57 Posted by LordAndrew (14601 posts) -

@thanous: Most franchise pages have less than one page of threads. That doesn't mean they're current.

Also, the thread still has all the same flaws I pointed out three years ago.

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#58 Posted by Entreri10 (581 posts) -

Mine is also Persona 4, although I did enjoy Soul Hackers and SMT4 on the 3DS as well.

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#59 Posted by Xel (263 posts) -

Either Nocturne or Digital Devil Saga. I love the dark atmosphere of those games.

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#60 Posted by Justin258 (14374 posts) -

Nocturne, of course. Fantastic game all around.

Persona 4 Golden follows it pretty closely. I like Persona 3 a whole lot and I used to consider it better than Persona 4 at least in part because they don't repeat dialog anywhere near as much (let me remind you, in painfully long fashion, of this thing that we just told you two minutes ago!) I still think it has a better story but overall, I'll take P4 over P3.

I didn't actually like SMTIV all that much at first but I've been warming up to it more and more. Not on the same level as the above mentioned game, but mechanically it's pretty great. Usually.

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#61 Edited by crithon (3979 posts) -

I have a soft spot for Digital Devil Saga, but Persona 3 and 4 totally.

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#62 Edited by Zeik (4420 posts) -

If we're just talking true SMT games then probably SMT4. I didn't fall in love with it as much as I originally thought I might, but overall I think it's a more solid game than Nocturne. At the very least SMT4's flaws are preferably to Nocturne's. I'd love to see a proper remake of SMT1 and 2 some day. Those games have some great ideas, but the SNES versions are way to dated to hold up to modern MegaTen games.

If we're talking the entirety of the MegaTen franchise then P4 still beats that out pretty handily.

Digital Devil Saga might also be up there, but I've never quite settled on how I feel about that series. I remember loving DDS1 and then being extremely disappointed with the conclusion of DDS2. (The way other people feel about Mass Effect 3's ending is almost how I felt about DDS2's.) I really should replay that game and see if I feel any differently.

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#63 Posted by gokaired (581 posts) -

Devil Survivor 1, the first one I ever finished, technically it brought me into the franchise.

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