Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon

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    Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a Game Boy Advance remake of Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention for the Sega Genesis.

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    Differences from Original

    Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a complete remake of the original Genesis title. It features reworked graphics, audio, and a retranslated script. For the most part the gameplay remains faithful to the original. One substantial difference is that the main protagonist, Max, has dialogue. In the original, Max was a silent protagonist.

    Card Quest

    Max can also collect character cards that have the different members of both the Shining Force and the game's bosses.  Each card has a specific character or monster on it. These cards can be used by the new character Mawlocke for two inherent features:  Ability and Effect  

    New Characters

    Also, there are three new characters:  Narsha, Mawlocke, and Zuika. 
    • Narsha may be the best mage in the entire game. She is very easy to level up, and each of her spells are very useful. She learns Boost, Step,  Attack, and Aura.  Not only is she decked out with powerful spells, she also has high MP, high defense, high magic defense, and average attack. She is tank with the some of the best magical spells in the game. Many believe that she is a broken character. Her only weakness is that her awesome spells cost a ton of MP (some weakness, huh).  

    • Zuika is an average to above average addition to your team. He has good attack power, high speed, and average defense. Zuika has a special ability. When his HP gets low, his attack power is boosted. He is a basic risk/reward character. Most users will find his ability helpful, but there are better characters to bring into battle. Zuika is a weaker version of Zylo with a bonus ability.

    • Mawlocke is a very useful character because he can use the character cards. He can take on the individual stats of the character on the card, he can use the special ability granted by the card, or he can use the card so the character can move two times in one round.

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