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The cornerstone of Tactical RPG's

IF you consider yourself a tactical, turn-based RPG fan and you haven't played Shining Force, you're either very young or have been ignorant to the game that started this madness. Without Shining Force to put this genre of RPG's on the map, games like Final Fantasy Tactics wouldn't have a high bar to be measured against. I literally measure every Tactical RPG against Shining Force. I mean it was on the SEGA, so it had it's fair share funny 16-bit anomalies, but the game play is crisp and the cast of characters pull you in.  The characters are broad and unique, and there are plenty of characters to choose from to build your Shining Force from. 
Find yourself a copy of the original, if you can, the GBA remake is good, but nothing beats the original. 
This is one of my most favorite games ever and play it through it at least once a year.

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