Shining the Holy Ark

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    Shining the Holy Ark is a traditional turn based RPG within the 'Shining' series of games, which was released on the Sega Saturn.

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    A Great Return to the Franchise's Roots

        Shining the Holy Ark marked the return of the Shining series to its original style of gameplay: Dungeon Crawling. If you've ever played Shining in the Darkness, then this is a must have game. While it may not have the same epic feel as the numbered Shining games, Shining the Holy Ark is easily one of the best 3D dungeon crawling games out there with addictive gameplay thanks to a very well made battle system, memorable music and just generally fun atmosphere.

        That is to say it is not without some problems. One of the most hindering aspects of this game, and also for the majority of dungeon crawlers, is its length and repetition. It is quite a long game, and with its visibly dated graphics can give you a headache fairly quickly with all the 90 degree turning. While the well-done random battles help alleviate this somewhat, it still is one of the weaker aspects of the title.

        For myself, Shining the Holy Ark definitely rates up there with the original Phantasy Star and Shining in the Darkness, surpassing them in some rights as well. If you own a Sega Saturn, have ever played a Shining game, or enjoy dungeon crawlers, this is a no-brainer. Definitely worth it.

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