Shinji Mikami Opens New Development Studio

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Shinji Mikami has revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu Magazine, that he's opened a new Tokyo-based development studio called Tango. The studio was formally opened up on March 1st. Mikami-san says he chose the Tango name because it's catchy and easy to remember, and because he likes to Tango. (- the drink)  
Mikami-san normally spends most of his time working in Osaka, but has now relocated to Tokyo in order to take the helm at the newly formed studio. The studio is tiny and currently has only 13 staff members. Mikami-san is currently the CEO, producer and director. The staff of 13 includes designers who worked on Final Fantasy XI, Okami, and with Grasshopper Manufacture, which happens to be his friend Suda 51's studio. 

Mikami told Famitsu Magazine that Tango will do all its work internally for the most part, as a result Mikami believes it will be capable of just one production line (title) for now, at least until it grows in size significantly. Despite the current small size, he believes it has all the functionality needed to be a quality development studio. He told the magazine that he hopes to have around 100 designers within five to seven years time. The studio will be seeking new talent including a "cute secretary," in Mikami-sans own words. Dude has the right idea.

So what can fans expect from his new studio? When asked if the studio has decided its first project, Mikami said that he'd like to consult with his staff further in order to make this decision. He's also currently in talks with a number of publishers, but has yet to sign any contract. Mikami did however provide a few hints as to what kind of titles we can expect from his studio. He said that, as a company, he'd like to have a brand like Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid, where the game's name itself becomes a genre. He also said that he'd like to make low budget games where the focus is on new ideas - he currently has his staff working on some of these games now.

Speaking about his own personal desires, he said that he wants to make a "3D horror game." Not 3D as in polygons, but 3D effects as in Avatar. Since the time of the original Resident Evil, he's had the goal of making the first true 3D horror game.
Mikami-san also revealed that his current studio, Straight Story, will close down once work once Platinum Games project, Vanquish was finished. 

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Dude, finish what you started with Sega and EA first, and then start new projects.

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Small artsy concepts in my guess, can't have sometthing with the production values of Vanquish with just 13 people. Can't wait to see the first project.

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I hope some of these low budget projects turn into downloadable games for any of the three console services.

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Yes man kablaam! Can't wait to see what his studio is going to make... we probably won't hear about it for a long time, though, seeing as he's already working on two games.

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"he's had the goal of making the first true 3D horror game."  
That sounds interesting... :p   

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Is he still with Platinum games then?  I can't really tell from this article.

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"  he'd like to have a brand like Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid, where the game's name itself becomes a genre." 
RE wasn't the first survival horror game and its certainly not a unique flower these days.

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@Linkyshinks said:
"  @Jeust said:
" "he's had the goal of making the first true 3D horror game."   That sounds interesting... :p    "
 He better get started with that soon, otherwise Capcom will beat him to it.  "
But no rushes, since Capcom said that they could take from four years to eight years to develop a new resident evil. 
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@ryanwho said:

" "  he'd like to have a brand like  Resident Evil or  Metal Gear Solid, where the game's name itself becomes a genre." wat RE wasn't the first survival horror game and its certainly not a unique flower these days. "

For the majority of people, though, if you say survival horror game they think Resident Evil, and if you say stealth game they think Metal Gear Solid.

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