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Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

Shino belongs to the same clan as Izuna, who often addresses her as "Shino-sis". Unlike the impulsive Izuna, she is very serious and prefers to think things through before acting.

Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns

In Izuna 2, it is learned that she has a younger sister named Shizune, who looks a lot like her and has appeared out of the blue.

Shino becomes a player character in the game, and can wield swords, boots, ranged weapons (except for bows and arrows), and arm-type weapons.

Cameo (Non-Canon) Appearances

Izuna and Shino appear as guest characters in Rondo of Swords and WIndy X Windam, two other games developed by Success Corp.

In Rondo of Swords, Shino appears as a recruitable ally near the mid-point of the game. Simply talk to her with Serdic and she will join the party.

In Windy x Windam, Shino appears as the second-to-last opponent in every character's storyline, just before Lapis, the final boss. To unlock her for play, the player must finish the game on the "Mania" (hardest) difficulty setting.

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