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Shinobi III: Return of Shinobi is the second of two Shinobi games developed for the Sega Genesis (known in Japan as Super Shinobi), but despite its numeral is actually the seventh game in the Shinobi series. It was also the last game to feature recurring Shinobi protagonist Joe Musashi until the 2002 Shinobi for PS2.

The game saw multiple rereleases. It became available via the Sega Genesis Collection (PS2/PSP) and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (360/PS3) compilations; the emulated version that appears on the latter was eventually added to Steam. Shinobi III was also added to the Wii's Virtual Console, to iOS and to the 3DS eShop.

After the adventures in Revenge of Shinobi, it seemed like Joe Musashi, finally destroyed the evil criminal empire Neo Zeed. However, Neo Zeed decided to remain low until years later. Now the empire is once again on the rise, and it's up to the powerful Shinobi to finally destroy Neo Zeed for good.

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