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    Shiny Entertainment was an American video game developer based in Laguna Beach, Southern California, and is the creator of several hits such as Earthworm Jim, MDK, Sacrifice and The Matrix: Path of Neo. Shiny was founded by David Perry in October 1993. In 2007, Shiny Entertainment merged with The Collective to create Double Helix Games.

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    David Perry, the founder of Shiny Entertainment was working for Probe Software in London back in 1991 developing Terminator video game based on movie. Virgin Games, who were the publishers of Terminator game, suggested David to move to America to finish the game much faster. He happily agreed to this opportunity. While he was in America working for Virgin Games he was the heart of development of such games as 7-Up's Cool Spot, McDonald's Global Gladiators and he was the lead programmer for Disney's Aladdin.

    In 1993 David got his US Green Card, so he thought it was the right time to found his own video game development studio. Perry formed Shiny Entertainment Inc. after he had signed three game distribution deal with Playmates Interactive Entertainment. The name was inspired from having "Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M. on loop during the development of Aladdin.

    1994 was a huge year for Shiny Entertainment. Earthworm Jim was the first game developed by newly formed studio that laid the foundation for success and evolution of the company. The game won Sega Game of the Year award, got its own TV Show after the deal was signed with Universal Cartoon Studios, had its own action figure toy collection, the official comic books were made by Marvel and lots of other merchandise were produced.

    On December 22, 1995 the sequel to Earthworm Jim was released for Sega Genesis. The game was well received by critics and the public.

    In 2002 Shiny Entertainment was developing Enter The Matrix when the Shiny team and the rights to The Matrix franchise were purchased by Infogrames for $47 million.

    On October 2, 2006 Foundation 9 Entertainment acquired Shiny Entertainment after the offer that Atari made in early 2006.

    In 2007 Double Helix Games was formed through merger of Foundation 9 studios, The Collective and Shiny Entertainment.


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