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Shiva of the East is a member of the Forest Hunter Covenant and is first met by the player near the structure on which Alvina is located in. The player must be a member of the Forest Hunter covenant to ever see him. When speaking to him for the first time, he congratulates you for joining said covenant and clarifies that if the player attacks any member of the covenant he or she will be kicked from the covenant. After this, Shiva and his bodyguard relocate to the swamp of Blighttown (below the wheel elevator) and becomes available as a merchant. He sells rare weapons the player cannot obtain otherwise, except the Uchigatana which the player can gain from killing the male Undead Merchant. He remains here available as a merchant as long as the player is a member of the Forest Hunter covenant.

In a scene cut from the game, Shiva was meant to betray you. Explaining why both Alvina and Patches say something regarding Shiva having something to hide and he is to not be trusted.

FlambergA wavy sword used by the Manserpent Casters. Causes bleed damage.10,000
Stone GreatswordLarge stone sword. Heavy and slow.15,000
Demon Great MacheteCapra Demons' weapon of choice. Large and heavy.10,000
ShotelCurved Sword that bypasses Shields. Lautrec of Carim's weapon of choice.10,000
UchigatanaFast Katana. Causes bleed damage, low durability.5,000
Washing PoleLarge katana. Causes bleed damage, low durability.20,000
ClawsCauses a large amount of bleed damage. Fast.5,000
Demon's GreataxeTaurus Demon's weapon of choice. Could also be obtained by a rare drop from the Taurus Demon.10,000
Demon's SpearWhite Gargoyles' weapon of choice.15,000
East Wood Grain RingSlows the loss of weapon durability.10,000

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