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Shizuku (雫) is an adult horror game published by Leaf for the NEC PC-98 on January 26, 1996. The title is about a morbid high school student that is asked by his uncle, who is a teacher, to investigate why one of the popular girls at his school suddenly went mad during class and clawed her own face, leading to him unearthing a much larger mystery. While the game is very similar to Chunsoft's sound novel titles in terms of presentation and structure, Shizuku was instead branded by Leaf as the first entry in a series called the Leaf Visual Novel Series (LVNS). This was the game that coined the term "visual novel" that is popularly used today to classify Japanese novel games and was a major influence on many early titles in the genre.

Shizuku was eventually remade in 2004 for Windows computers under the name Shizuku Renewal which featured redrawn artwork, a new soundtrack and rewrites made to the story in order for the game to be in compliance with new rules made by the Ethics Organization of Computer Software.


  • Upper management at Leaf basically allowed the development team for Shizuku to create whatever they wanted but with a few stipulations. The game had to be set in a high school, the protagonist had to be a boy and they infamously required that the player must be able to reach the first sex scene within 5 minutes of starting the game. This was made achievable by having a bad ending near the beginning of the story that can be obtained if the player refuses to investigate the mysteries surrounding the school.
  • While Shizuku coined the word "visual novel" the game is also responsible for popularizing the term "True End". Other games with multiple endings had previously called their canonical ending the "happy ending" or something similar. Shizuku was the first game to classify its story's real conclusion as the "true" ending, which would become a common term within the visual novel genre.

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  1. Bungle Bungle - The official website of Tatsuya Takahashi and Tooru Minazuki, creators of the Leaf Visual Novel Series.

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