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As a member of the Reapers in The World Ends With You, Sho Minamimoto is selected as the Game Master for the second week of the game and one of the youngest Reapers ever chosen for the position.  He has a wild obsession with math and a distrust of other people, only using them for his own gains.
He was also obsessed with his work, preferring to ignore his duties as a Game Master to concentrate on it. When he did put up missions, they were often in the form of mathematical riddles.


Sho is a creative eccentric with a peculiar obsession revolving around mathematics.  He peppers his speech with math terms, sometimes stating full phrases in the forms of equations.  Examples of such speech include using "zetta" (the mathematical term for 10 to the 21st power) as an adverb  (ex:   "You're so zetta slow!").  Sho also spends an abnormal amount of time pursuing what he calls "arts and crafts"; he has a habit of building large piles of junk where ever he goes, including in the middle of the street.
He also has no qualms about the methods he uses to achieve his goals. He makes use of forbidden Noise making rituals to create Taboo Noise, and didn't even care about what he himself had become at the beginning of the third week.


Sho Minamimoto is selected as the Game Master for the second week of the game.  He bends the rules of the game to the breaking point, and his hints to the players are mathematical in context. He also begins to create Taboo Noise, erasing both Reapers and Players.  He was present at Neku's death, as he had been pursuing Joshua with the intent to kill him and become the new Composer of Shibuya when Joshua killed Neku.
Later, during the third week, it is revealed that he survived his defeat at the end of the second week, and became part Taboo. His eyes became more cat-like, and his body was covered with tattoo-like sigils. He faces Neku and Beat, before joining Konishi, who takes down the Barrier to the final area. However, he is eventually discovered, crushed by a vending machine in a manner reminiscent of his "art".

Memorable Quotes

"So zetta slow!" 
"SOHCAHTOA! Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owners Approaching!" 
"Attention all yoctograms!"
"Sine!  Cosine!  Tangent!"
"Any tree can drop an apple.  I'll drop the freaking moon."
"Any sound can shake the air.  My voice shakes the heart!"
"Slabs Of Ham! Celery And Horseradish! Tons Of Asparagus!"
"It's x 2 DIE!"

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