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    Shogo Akuji

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    Shogo Akuji is the young leader of the the Ronin gang. His father is Kazuo Akuji.

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    Shogo is the son of Japanese gang leader Kazuo Akuji. Shogo left Japan to form another gang in the city of Stilwater, known as the Ronin. The Ronin are a Japanese influenced group, who are led by Shogo. However, his father sees him as a disappointment and demotes him later. Additionally, Shogo is a poor gang leader, and relies heavily on his lieutenant, who is also one of his father's preferred men, Jyunichi.

    Johnny Gat jokes that Shogo likely spends more time on his hair than he does on his bike. Shogo is ridiculed by many people, and he did not realize the severity of the situation when the Saints successfully robbed the Poseidon Casino, which was a Ronin owned business. Behind Kazuo's back, Shogo set up a deal with Dane Vogel, CEO of the Ultor Corporation. The Ronin would be funded by Ultor assuming they protected the company's interests until Kazuo broke the agreement.


    Shogo is the arrogant, hedonistic leader of the American Ronin. His father is the true leader, and Shogo uses this to his advantage in an attempt to build up the Ronin gang as a splinter of his father's gang. Unfortunately, Shogo is not experienced with running an organized criminal element, and frequently makes mistakes in his leadership. Shogo's leadership skills lack, and he winds up frequently consulting Jyunichi, the gang second-in-command, about his decisions. Jyunichi is something of a 'carer' for Shogo,

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    and answers to Kazuo, rather than him. The 3rd Street Saints are responsible for robbing the Poseidon Casino, which is a business owned by the Ronin gang. After this, Kazuo arrives in Stilwater to show his disappointment of a son how to run a gang properly. He is then demoted to lieutenant for his failures.

    Shogo organised the attack on Gat's home, and is responsible for the death of Aisha. Jyunichi was the reason that Kazuo arrived in the US, and out of anger Shogo gives Jyunichi's location to the Saints. The Boss kills Jyunichi here, before going to Aisha's funeral. At the funeral they are ambushed by Shogo and every Ronin he could find, who interrupts the proceedings in an attempt to end the Saints and impress his father. The Boss kills all his Ronin and catches him, before Gat beats him senseless and buries him alive.

    Shogo has a unique Kaneda prototype bike, which is given to the player as a reward for beating the Ronin.


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