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    Billiards simulation

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    ShootersPool, created by a smart development Team, is a Billiards simulation for PC include offline play and online play. After a release of a Alpha Version in ~2012 the development Team released a open Beta Version in early 2017. The final Version release of the game was in 11/2017.

    The game is using a advanced physics engine to simulate a perfect Ball behavior which gives the player a stunning impression playing on a Real Table.

    Offline Version

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    The offline version of the game has a comprehensive training mode. In summary:

    • 8 Ball US Pool
    • 9 Ball US Pool
    • 10 Ball US Pool
    • 14.1 Straight US Pool
    • One Pocket US Pool
    • Free Training US Pool
    • Training Drills US Pool
    • Blackball British Pool
    • Training British Pool
    • 1 Cushion Billiards Carom
    • 3 Cushion Billiards Carom
    • Straight Rail Billiards Carom
    • Training Carom
    • 8 Ball Chinese Pool
    • Training Chinese Pool
    • 15 Reds Snooker
    • 6 Reds Snooker
    • Free Training Snooker
    • Custom Snooker
    • Training Drills Snooker

    Online Version

    The online Version of the game offers friendly Matches, custom Tournaments create by players, official Tournaments create by development Team. All game modes (see above) the player can play in the online mode (excl. Training).


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