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    Magnavox's light gun accessory to it's Odyssey video game console. Released in 1972, "Shooting Gallery" made its mark on history not only as the first light gun for consoles, but also as Nintendo's first involvement in the video game industry.

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    Game Pack

    Shooting Gallery shipped with four games that utilized the light gun accessory, stored on two cartridges (#9 and #10). Like other games for the Odyssey console, they were colorized by placing a translucent plastic screen overlay on the TV.

    • Dogfight
    • Prehistoric Safari
    • Shooting Gallery
    • Shootout

    Commercial Performance

    When released, a false rumor circulated that Shooting Gallery would only work on Magnavox-made TV set, hurting sales. There was also a "bug" in the light gun system. The rifle would only detect light itself and no particular target, meaning that the player could shoot at any light source, such as a light bulb, and the gun would register it as a hit on a target onscreen.

    Coupled with a $25 price tag, Shooting Gallery experienced very limited commercial success, selling only around 20,000 units.


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