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    Shooting Gallery

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Q4 1972

    A compilation of overlays that came bundled with the Magnavox Odyssey's Electronic Rifle Peripheral.

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    The game was sold with the Shooting Gallery add-on for the console, uses cartridge #10 and the included toy rifle accessory as an input device.

    The add-on contains four games: Shooting Gallery, Dogfight, Prehistoric Safari, and Shootout.

    Nintendo's involvement

    In addition to being the first light gun video game, this was also the first video game that involved Nintendo. According to video game historian Martin Picard: "in 1971, Nintendo had -- even before the marketing of the first home console in the United States -- an alliance with the American pioneer Magnavox to develop and produce optoelectronic guns for the Odyssey (released in 1972), since it was similar to what Nintendo was able to offer in the Japanese toy market in 1970s".


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