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    ShootMania Storm

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 10, 2013

    The second entry in Nadeo's "Mania" series, ShootMania: Storm is a first-person shooter that, like Trackmania, places a heavy emphasis on user-generated content.

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    ShootMania: Storm is a first-person shooter by Nadéo. It's part of the developer's "Mania" series, featuring simple gameplay and complex editing tools.

    The game went into closed beta in early July 2012 and was officially released on April 10, 2013.


    ShootMania: Storm is a first person shooter where players must eliminate opponents by shooting at them to earn points. The game lets the player control movement with the arrow keys, aim with the mouse, fire their weapon with the left mouse button, and jump/sprint with the right mouse button.

    There is one default weapon, the blaster, that players start out with in most game modes, which shoots slow moving projectiles. Maps can include special areas where players can use other weapons, so long as they stay within those areas. There is no inventory management, and weapons can't run out of ammo; however they have to recharge between shots. The jump and sprint abilities are both used by the same button (Space or Right Mouse Button by default) and use a stamina bar that recharges over time. This means that for a player to sprint they must first jump, unless they are on special tiles that allow them to sprint without jumpng. Furthermore, there are no killstreaks, classes, xp, or unlockables as there are in many modern shooters.

    Game Modes

    There are multiple different game modes that are each very different from each other.

    • Elite - This is the main competitive mode. It is played with two teams of 3 players each, but each round is played 1 vs 3. One team has an attacker with a rail gun, who must either kill all defenders or capture the pole within the time limit, while the other team has three players all with blasters. The teams alternate roles each round.
    • Royal - A free for all mode played in multiple rounds. The goal is to get to a certain score limit by hitting other players, surviving longer than other players, and capturing the pole. When the pole is captured players can no longer respawn and a tornado begins circling the map and slowly moves towards the pole, limiting the play area drastically.
    • Battle - A team mode in which players must capture the other team's poles. The game begins with a rush towards the center of the map, when a player touches the checkpoint in the center that player's team will be attacking. The attacking team now has 15 seconds to begin capturing one of the defender's poles. If they aren't capturing one the timer counts down, and when the timer hits 0 the attackers and defenders switch. The round ends when a team has completely captured all of the other team's poles.
    • Melee - This is a simple death match mode, but points are scored on hits and not just kills. The first player to hit the score limit wins.
    • Combo - A 2 vs 2 mode that has weapon and health pickups and allows the player to switch weapons, which is drastically different from all other modes. The goal of this mode is to kill both of the other players in quick succession. Once a player is killed a timer starts counting down, and to win the round the other player on that team must be killed before it reaches 0.

    There are also many other game modes that are community created such as Obstacle, Jail Break, and Instagib CTF.


    Players can use several different weapons, but cannot choose between them as in more conventional shooters. What gun a player has is determined by where they are standing within the map.

    • "Blaster" - The default gun in ShootMania. Players can use this gun on regular terrain. Can fire up to 4 slow moving shots before needing to recharge.
    • Grenade launcher - Weapon given in underground areas. Shoots out plasma grenades which either explode on contact or after a few seconds on the ground. Can fires 2 shots before needing to recharge.
    • Sniper Rifle - Weapon given on precision platforms. Shoots a single hitscan projectile before having to recharge.


    The map editor.
    The map editor.

    Like TrackMania, ShootMania is part of ManiaPlanet. ManiaPlanet will let players share replays as well as information regarding the game. Planets make their return as the game's currency and players will be able to host their own servers as well as create their own game modes.

    Players will be able to create their own maps thanks to the game's map editor. The map editor lets players create structures, make specific rules for a map (example: deadly water) and even code certain aspects of the map themselves.


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