How does the Shootmania 3 and 5 pack work?

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#1 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

On the maniaplanet store they have 3 and 5 player packs. It would only be $12.80 for each person in the 5 player packs so I'm interested in buying a pack. But how does it work? I assume I would be 5 codes or something, or is it 4 codes and the game is on my account? Google surprisingly didn't come up with anything useful unless I missed it.

Anyone do it yet?

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#2 Posted by smiteofhand (108 posts) -

When you buy a single copy they email you a code so I assume with 3 and 5 they email 3 and 5 codes.

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#3 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

I bought the 3 pack and its a bit weird. You buy the pack and they email you an activation key and then two more keys listed as bonus. Yeah, I paid extra to get a bonus. More like the keys I already paid for.

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