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Short Order/Eggsplode gives you two games on a single cartridge, offering not only a unique opportunity to dig out and unfold your Power Pad, but also - as the package is careful to note - Family Fun. We'll take them individually.

Short Order

Short Order is a Simon-style memory game in which the player prepares tall, perfectly vertical burgers for a variety of anthropomorphic animal diners ranging in girth from mouse to pig. Each desires their signature burger: Dog Burger, Pig Burger, Mouse Burger, what have you. Burgers are composed of meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes; each of these is assigned a pair of Power Pad buttons, and the player stacks up the burger by jumping on those pair (or, if you're lazy, sitting on the floor and smacking them with your palms).

I think that's a turtle.
I think that's a turtle.
  • 1-2 adds a meat patty to the burger;
  • 3-4 adds cheese;
  • 5-6 adds tomato;
  • 7-8 adds lettuce.

As in Simon, the diner spells out a sequence of ingredients (as the little animal avatar jumps around an on-screen representation of the Power Pad to demonstrate). Repeat this sequence exactly, and you're given another; same as the last one, but with one new ingredient added to the end. This goes on until you make three mistakes, which makes steam shoot out of the animal's ears; or, stack a burger tall enough to satisfy them, which makes the burger fly up into the air, land in the animal's waiting mouth and, after a few seconds of chewing, annihilate their metabolism, causing them to balloon into an amusing shape. Family Fun indeed.

The game also scores you; one point for every mistake you made while stacking the burger. At the time of writing there is no leaderboard support.


Eggsplode is a less awkward adaptation of the Power Pad input. You are the caretaker of a chicken coop containing a dozen hens, arranged so that each hen corresponds to a button on the Power Pad. This coop is under assault by multiple foxes who are attempting to sabotage your livelihood by planting big round cartoon bombs under the chickens, which you disarm by stepping on the chicken's button. After a certain number of bombs have been safely removed, the level is completed, and you advance to another level with a faster pace and a larger number of bombs to disarm. If a bomb explodes, the game ends as the now-featherless, smoldering chicken flaps around.

In the midst of this assault, the chickens continue to lay eggs. Step on an egg and the chicken gets very angry (again with the steam coming out of the ears) and the foxes laugh at you. Step on three eggs and the game is over. Also, the dog from Short Order is running around the coop, probably just trying to help, but sometimes he switches eggs in for bombs, often at the wrong moment.

This game can be enjoyed by as many people as you can comfortably fit on the Power Pad at once. As far as anyone knows, it keeps going until you lose.

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