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    Shove It! The Warehouse Game

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 30, 1990

    Help Stevedore earn enough money to buy a sports car for his gold-digging girlfriend by moving boxes around a warehouse.

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    Shove It! The Warehouse Game (JP: Shijō Saidai no Sōkoban, or "The Greatest Warehouse Worker Ever") is a Sokoban-style puzzle game that consists of 160 stages, with every ten stages being unlocked after the prior ten stages are completed. The game allows a single-step undo option, but keeps track of the total steps taken for a given puzzle, and progress is saved through passwords. It also has a level editor.


    Shove It! is the story of a man only referred to as "Stevedore" (it is unclear if this was a consistent typo referring to a man much more feasibly named Steve Dore, if that is actually just his highly unusual first name, or he is actually unnamed, as the word also describes a dockworker; though the game does not otherwise indicate that the nominal warehouse is next to water).

    Apparently abundant in both brain and brawn, Stevedore has finally bought the car he always wanted, and he just met the girl of his dreams. Before he can take her on a date, the girl hops into an "idiot"'s more expensive ride. Suddenly Stevedore is not so satisfied with his own car, and the game's contextual motivation is that he must work through moving many coincidentally puzzle-like box formations in order to presumably be paid enough to upgrade his car once more and have a shot with the apple of his eye.


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