8-4 Play: 6/11/2021: BACK ON TRACK

E3 is (sorta) back, which means it’s time to buckle up for another round of baseless speculation, ridiculous predictions, and general mayhem as we once again board the #E3HYPETRAIN!

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Jun. 11 2021

Posted by: Jan

In This Episode:

Yuji Naka



Episode Notes:

Time - Topic Discussed:

25:30 – News: Nintendo, Uncharted 4 on PC, E3’s Award show, and more!

34:17 – Nintendo E3 Speculation

57:14 – More News: The EGRETII mini, Yuji Naka’s retirement (?), The Playdate, and more!

01:26:35 – Capcom E3 Speculation

01:33:08 – Microsoft & Bethesda E3 Speculation

01:44:38 – Square-Enix

01:50:30 – Our Wishlists & Last Minute Predictions

And now, here’s the music we used in this episode!


Intro: Mystery Train – Elvis Presley

Ending: C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) – Quad City DJ’s

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