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Giant Bombcast 744: Tingle Specialist

Bakalar is back from his trip! He regails us with tales of algae and food, we continue to gush about Neon White, Jan's time in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, we recap the recent Nintendo Direct, and even more game news!

The Giant Bombcast is the world's most beloved video game podcast, and now it's available in video form.

Jun. 28 2022

Posted by: Jan

Episode Notes:

(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:01:45) - Bakalar went to Mexico

(00:09:52) - Jess and Kentucky

(00:16:32) - Whatcha Been Playing - Jan went to a driving range

(00:21:15) - Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

(00:30:54) - Fall Guys

(00:35:17) - Jan's Continued Problems with Pokemon Go

(00:37:46) - Traveling with the Steam Deck

(00:39:44) - Neon White

(01:03:06) - News!

(01:06:28) - Nintendo Direct

(01:21:36) - Horizon 2074

(01:27:16) - John Cena Urged Metroid to Happen

(01:40:32) - Halo Infinite Melee Desync

(01:43:49) - Hyenas

(01:45:48) - Intellivision Amico Trademark Falls

(01:50:20) - Emails - Run or Dodge?

(01:53:12) - Sonic Elements

(01:58:47) - Rotisserie Chickens

(02:03:14) - Glizzies

(02:06:38) - A Century of Nuggets

(02:12:42) - New Mario Film?

(02:18:05) - What's happening and good bye!

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