8-4 Play: 8/9/2019: THE HOUSES ARE ON FIRE

This week we heat things up with some Fire Emblem, and then cool off with some ice cream.

Every other week, tune into 8-4 Play for talk about video games, Japan, and Japanese video games, straight from the 8-4 offices in beautiful downtown Tokyo. Hosted by 1UP Japan's own Mark MacDonald, John Ricciardi, and Hiroko Minamoto.

Aug. 9 2019

Posted by: Brad

Episode Notes:

Time – Topic Discussed:

2:13 – Nicknames

22:18 – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

50:42 – Red Dead Online

1:01:17 – Monster Hunter World

1:09:10 – News: Evo 2019, hangry new Pokemon, and big updates to No Man’s Sky and Red Dead Online

1:21:32 – Closing comments

And now, here’s the music we used in THIS episode!


Intro: This is True Love Making – Satoshi Ise (Capcom Vs SNK 2)

Break: As Fierce as Fire – Takeru Kanazaki (Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Ending: Unshaken – Dangelo (Red Dead Redemption 2)