Giant Bombcast E3 2015: Giant Bomb's Day 1 Live Broadcast

We collect a wicked assortment of guests and cover virtual reality, Microsoft's Hololens, Def Jam Icon, the number of explosions found in Just Cause 3, Halo 5's new warzone mode, playing soccer in a prison camp, how the heck the Xbox One is emulating 360 games, and way, way more.

The Giant Bombcast is the world's most beloved video game podcast, and now it's available in video form.

Jun. 17 2015

Posted by: Jeff

Episode Notes:

Thanks to all our great guests!

  • Segment 1 Guests: Brad Shoemaker, John Ricciardi (8-4), Mark MacDonald (8-4)
  • Segment 2 Guests: John Drake (PlayStation), Patrick O'Luanaigh (nDreams), Palmer Luckey (Oculus)
  • Segment 3 Guests: Roland Lesterlin (Avalanche Studios NYC), Jake Rodkin (Campo Santo), Sean Vanaman (Campo Santo), Steve Gaynor (Fulbright)
  • Segment 4 Guests: Phil Spencer (Xbox), Kudo Tsunoda (Xbox)
  • Segment 5 Guests: Josh Holmes (343 Industries), Frank O'Connor (343 Industries), Robin Hunicke (Funomena)
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