Giant Bombcast E3 2015: Giant Bomb's Day 3 Live Broadcast

Given the way E3 2015 ended, we're not sure if it'll even be possible to have an E3 2016.

The Giant Bombcast is the world's most beloved video game podcast, and now it's available in video form.

Jun. 20 2015

Posted by: Jeff

Episode Notes:

Thanks to all our great guests!

  • Segment 1 Guests: Tina Amini and Evan Narcisse (Kotaku)
  • Segment 2 Guests: Adam Boyes (PlayStation), John "Cowboy" Bellomy (Naughty Dog), Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
  • Segment 3 Guests: Samantha Kalman (Timbre Interactive), Danny O'Dwyer (CBS), Tanya X. Short (Kitfox Games)
  • Segment 4 Guests: Greg Miller (Kinda Funny), Brian Edberg (Turn 10), Burnie Burns (Rooster Teeth)
  • Segment 5 Guests: Lorne Lanning (Oddworld Inhabitants), Jeff Green (Hit Detection), John Drake (Dazzle Crotch)
  • Segment 6 Guests: David Lang (Iron Galaxy), John G. Vignocchi (Disney), Adam Boyes (Canada)
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