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Premium Podcasts: Film & 40s: Fast & Furious 6

Mar. 31st 2017

We're six movies and damn near a thousand ounces deep into our Fast & Furious journey, and things just keep getting stupider. Amnesia! Tanks! Impossible runways! THIS. IS. FILM. AND. 40S.

Episode Notes:

This podcast is an audio supplement, meant to be played simultaneously with the film Fast & Furious 6. We are watching this movie via the extended edition Blu-ray release. You can find the movie at any of these fine establishments.

Our commentary begins right after the Universal Logo has completely faded out. It's the 25 second mark.

ALSO, two minor housekeeping things. Early in this track, I mention fixing something in post because I thought the movie had failed to start playing at the correct spot. It did, I was dumb. Ignore that.

Secondly, we believe we have fixed the issue folks were having with glitches in podcast uploads. If you hear any issues with this file, please let us know. If not, we'll re-upload the last two episodes so you can enjoy them glitch-free. Thank you!

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