Game Mess Mornings 05/31/23

Grubb is joined by Lucy James to talk about a rumblings of a new Fable game, more rumblings of a new Wolfenstein game, and more video game news!

News expert Jeff Grubb is here to dish out all of the hottest news!

May. 31 2023

Posted by: Jan

Episode Notes:

00:00 - Intro!

05:15 - Xbox Teases Fable Appearance At Upcoming Showcase

09:40 - Mega Man series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya has reportedly left Capcom

14:20 - The Last Of Us Season 2 Was Planned For 2025 Prior To Writers' Strike

18:00 - A Wolfenstein seems to be in development

23:53 - Activision says UK was “irrational” in blocking Microsoft purchase

28:15 - Riot Threatens to Cancel Whole Season

33:13 - Pokémon Scarlet And Violet's Big Home Update Brings New Monsters And New Problems

35:30 - Hideo Kojima isn’t involved in Metal Gear Solid 3’s remake, Konami confirms

40:34 - Review Roundup For System Shock (2023)

44:44 - Polllll

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